Sunday, 16 December 2012

feeling festive...

I do declare..I think i might just be!
 This time last year I was trying to disengage my brain from work-mode in the alloted few days holiday, and preparing for my new leap  in the NewYear,....not much room for savouring the little flurries of festive feelings when they came....
It's all different this year....and a whole lot more WONDER-full.....

Skye and I have been trying to fill some cold wintery days getting into the festive spirit...and the above little construction was our first attempt at a Gingerbread house.....a clumsy effort with roofs sliding and dodgy icing pipery..but we felt rather proud of our efforts...and a little "picmonkey" cheesy editing helps :)

So the tree is up, the mince pies and mulled wine have been cracked open....all that's left is the over indulgence of chocolate...oh wait..thats been going on all year..aherm!

What are you up to, to get you in the mood?I'd love to hear. xx


  1. so dear!!! love all this!!
    XOXOX merry merry

  2. Beautiful Jenny, I Love Christmas.

  3. Well for a first attempt at a gingerbread house I would be thrilled at that! The beauty is in the fact that you created it and the fact that not everything is perfect makes it all the more charming. Is that jelly tots on the doorframe? I must admit to have started eating chocolate very early, in fact I have bought boxes of maltezers and after eights twice! Well, you just got to check they are edible!!!! jayne x

  4. Well done you. It looks delightfully delicious :o)
    I've just finished *hic* decanting the plum brandy *hic* and the damson gin *hic* , made a plum tart *hic* with the brandy infused fruit *hic* and am working on the *hic* filling for the damson chocolate *hic* liqueurs. Being the dubious cook that *hic* I am I'm having to do *hic* a lot of taste testing *hic* as I go along *hic*