Friday, 28 September 2012

Stitches with sketches

I thought I'd show you what I've done with one of the sketches I showed you in my last post.

"Woodland King"
The crochet hook even came out for these!

"Nature's stage"

I'm liking their simplicity, the layers and contrasts of different elements...and also that finally the frames that have been gathering dust are finally being used! More to come me thinks.....well actually there definitely  will  HAVE to  be more...the remaining dust gathering frames are giving me the evils :)

This last one I wanted to share because it just make me smile ..a big cheesy one at that!
"High on a hill"
Llamas in general make me smile and a stitched one seems to tickle my funny bone even me strange if you like :)

So thats all I've got for now. The kids are about to break off on their Autumn holidays already......
I am seriously struggling to keep up......won't be mentioning THAT word just yet though :)x


  1. These are all gorgeous Jenny, you must be thrilled. The last one made me smile too, just lovely.

  2. ooooooooooh, high on a hill! kisses to that face!
    LOVE them + you. dearly. xox

  3. Oh my gosh, Jenny - I love these so, SO much!!! You are such an amazing talent - I love your unique combination of "stitches with sketches" - I am always so impressed and in awe when I visit (and if you weren't such a wonderful person to boot, I would totally be envious too)!

    I loved your "Today I..." post - I love your positive outlook and whimsical spirit (I'm glad you ended up having the ice cream... Enjoy!) You are so much fun and I hope that you had a birthday that is as fabulous as you are!!!


  4. Didn't realise it was you birthday Jenny, happy belated birthday. Love your pictures so full of texture and delight. xx

  5. Charming as always and so lovely to see different mediums working together.

  6. Jenny, these are beautiful, absolutely beautiful

  7. i love the owl - the llama is allaming!