Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Autumn fruits and sketching...

I can see the sun shining but my nose and fingers are feeling a touch nippy...darn you autumn..!
However compensation does come in the form of autumn bounties......coupled with an urge to sketch...

Loooove the velvety insides of these beech nuts.

The oak is my most favourite of trees (followed closely by the silver birch), and I always  like to have a little "wand" of oak lying about..never know when it may be needed! Soon these leaves will be a falling so no time to waste....

I thought you might appreciate my high tech set up..yes that is an oak twig blue tacked to my sewing machine. That's just how I roll :)

Hope you're soaking up the last bit of growth and gathering before hibernation sets in xx


  1. the oak is my favorite tree too!
    i love your photographs and your drawings too!
    lovely day to you~

  2. Fantastic sketches...silver birch is my favorite tree and eucalyptus...just love trees... :)

  3. Fab sketches Jenny - love your hi-tech props too! Ali x

  4. Wonderful sketches! I love oak trees too, there is something very 'safe' about them.
    I always feel very content when I've spent some time sketching, sadly I don't make the time often enough. Glad you shred these images with us, you've inspired me.

  5. You are amazing! I feel so lucky to have stumbled across your blog... I love the awesome textile pieces you do! So beautiful.

  6. Wow, Jenny, your drawing is incredible, the first time I have seen any. I love the fallen leaves of autumn and the sycamore helicopters that are lying around at the moment. Love to see what your inspiration turns into! jayne x

  7. Such beautiful sketches, you are soooooo talented.

  8. I am definitely feeling the need to hibernate already! Your sketches are so beautiful - lovely to see them.

    Pomona x