Thursday, 13 September 2012

happiness is...

......a beautiful handcrafted piece of art landing on my doorstep..

....An amazingly generous giveaway by the lovely and very talented Lou Tonkin..which I can't believe I won! exquisite and perfect place for my needles and pins and treasures...EXACTLY what I need for my jaunts with needle and thread in tow...

                                               Just soooo deliciously scrumptious......

And a hand printed card too.....sigh...Love?....oh yes indeed I do :)
Go and see more of the goodness that Lou creates and find some more happiness!...go know you want to!
                                                                       oh and facebook too!


  1. How fantastic to win a prize Jenny and such a treasure too, so handy for transportation of needles and pins. will go and have a look at everything. jayne x

  2. what a fantastic and beautiful prize! I'll be sure to check out the website and shop..more lovely things to add to my xchristmas wishlist! x

  3. oooh I've just looked at the website and she's a Cornish lass about an hours drive from me. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for workshops and craftfairs and such...I am so very dotty about birds!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, too sweet for words! :)