Sunday, 7 October 2012

Treasuring you...short and sweet

This months "treasuring you" piece is short and sweet and is simply from a little piece of paper I found while rummaging in my paper scraps...I'd obviously cut it out to keep to stick in my  book and never got to the sticking part...
It was written by Maia (my eldest daughter) at age 7 or 8 for a school reads:

What  magic possession would you like and why?
 I would like to have an invisible, very fast running golden donkey because it would let me  go to places quickly without anyone knowing. Having it to be golden is just extra.

Heehee! Makes me smile. a LOT!

another piece of paper that made it into my book already...a different school project!

I've got a rather large number of books that I use to store all my "treasures" in, this is my JOY journal 
which there's a tutorial for making here!

So what sweet funny wonderful things have you collected from your kids or grandkids, and have gathered in a box or book somewhere? :) I'd love to hear. 
And an even trickier question.....if you could have a magic possession what would you have and why??!! this I can't wait to hear :)x