Friday, 31 August 2012

Things of a birdy nature

Birds have predominated my latest've seen my "subirdia" books before, but I've turned these ones into notebook covers and saved on the time consuming task of hand binding the pages.It struck me that people may want to reuse what they've paid substantially for!  And I found some cracking little hard covered A6 sketchbooks to nestle in the covers..perfect for the doodling on whilst out and about!

I've been making more little birdies too for a new kit I'm working on....promise to show you when finished !

My fave latest birdy creations, however, are these little "hangy thingies"...(yes that is the technical term!)

I hacked into a vintage linen table cloth with its lovely scalloped edges and embroidered "holey bits" (yes..another technical term) and stitched up these birdies using freehand machine stitching as well as hand embroidery.

A band of barn owls is what I call them.

 I take great pleasure in imagining my Nana, who has just recently left us,  flying with these beauties to meet the love of her life on the other side. Sending all my love with you Nana xx


  1. wow Jenny all your craftings are fabulous. x

  2. They are truly lovely birdies. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your nana, I am sure she would be very proud of your creativity and is with the love of her life. jayne x

  3. they are sooooooooooooooo lovely! I see that you use the same kind of technical language that I do!! I am a bird crazed girl too...hence the name! You are a crafting queen indeed :)

  4. What a lovely collection, Jenny. Your Nana would be so proud of you x

  5. I love the thingies but my favourite are the whotsits.
    But seriously - lovely work and condolences. Claire x

  6. i lovey birdy dove all your makings.
    heartilllly, soaringlllly, singingllly.

  7. Love love love. I adore owls, and your hangy thingies are delightful.