Friday, 24 August 2012

Swooning over Elsa Mora

I love it how a click on a link followed by another one, then another few after that, can  lead you to a beautiful world where you're positively drooling in awe over someone's creative expression.
That's how I stumbled upon Elsa Mora, and ever since the clickety linky forage I've paid countless trips back to her website to soak up the beautiful intricate creations in their many forms.

                                                            Elsa paints....

Just incredible.... 
Consider my mind well and truly boggled! 
And the most wonderful part of it all is the beautifully humble,transparent and true lady that reveals herself to you as you read her words. 
Swoonaroo  :)


  1. Oh wow! Her work is GORGEOUS! Love!

  2. i'll go look, treasured friend...her work looks incredible.
    aloha love to you in full color xoxox

  3. OK... I'm swooning too!

    Love a good blog hop :)

  4. How exquisite, the tiny details, such beautiful work, I will take a closer look. Love it when you find someone new to swoon over Jenny x

  5. She is so truly gifted isn't she :)

  6. Swoonaroo indeed!! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    Lovely to catch up with your blog. Your animals are gorgeous!!

    Sending you big hugs!!

  7. Gaaaargh. Just typed out a really long comment and then my internet went down! Just wanted to say that this is the perfect post to stop and comment on because I just discovered you via FB this morning and feel exactly the way you describe about YOUR blog :) Have been stopping by my PC on and off all day to read through your posts. You have a new follower :) Loving your stuff!