Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Treasuring you...beginning with an ending

blue water soluble crayons with black marker detail on top, and cut out photocopied butterfly image I rambled on the other day about treasuring ourselves and the stories we have...writing that book that we all have within. And I set out to share either something of mine, or yours, once a month....go here to read if you are wondering what the heck?!
So I'd like to begin by sharing the tale I wrote down in my little book the other day....a touching moment that I treasure....have you got a cup of tea?.....well maybe you'd better :)

 Grandpa died at the ripe old age of 93, after a long and adventure filled life. I actually felt kind of glad that he felt happy enough to let go and move on..he was beginning a new adventure somewhere else. It was Nana I wanted to hold  and hug and fill with love for she had a huge space needing to be filled until she could find her bearings again, and step into a rhythm where her dear heart of 65 years would not be by her side. 
We all went down to be with her for Grandpa's funeral, Maia came too, age her it was adventures on a train and catching up with Aunties and Uncles who would spoil her and tickle her. 
When it came to the time for the church service, Maia and I stayed at home..keep it light for we stood at the door where my mum had grown up, and watched the procession of cars head slowly off with grandpa at the front.
With Maia lifted up in one arm we both waved and shouted "Bye Granpa"....a wee tear in the eye..."Bye"..
Suddenly, as if from nowhere  in front of my waving hand, this beautiful electric blue butterfly appeared fluttering. I was no longer watching the car procession but standing still with my hand mid air (and probably my mouth wide open too!)
"Grandpa?..I squeaked questioningly...
The butterfly landed on the index finger of my mid air hand..
" that you??!!"
I laughed and shook my finger, my heart flipping summersaults, laughing at the crazy and magical -ness of such a thing happening....and how funny I must have looked questioning a butterfly to the nth degree!...the butterfly held on.
I stopped shaking and stood still, breathed out deeply...and off the butterfly went.
"Bye Grandpa" I said "Byeeeeee"

Soon after everyone came back and I gave Nana a huge hug. If I had been feeling sad I wasn't any more..just blessed and grateful and full of love. I told her rather incredulously what had happened...."only you would ever have something like this to tell me about" she said smiling.....Well I thought...I'll take that as being a good thing :)

Have you had a magical experience happen to you? Something where you really felt there was more to it that just "co incidence"?!(or a furtive imagination as some may call it! hehe!)
I'd love to hear.

Hey...and for the butterfly has ever flown as close to me or landed on me at any other time since.... :)x