Monday, 9 July 2012

cheeky pink!

Awww, I'm still smiling from the wonderful comments and treasured moments shared from the last post. So lovely. Thankyou!

I've been stitching up more animal inspired pieces with the aim to create some slightly "manly" ones..well, what I mean to say is something that doesn't sport the colour pink!
I've a "country" craft fair coming up in a few weeks held in the grounds of Glamis Castle, 3 miles down the road...home to the Queen Mother as a girl no less!
So there will be lots of landed gentry accompanied with their furry friends...and I'm thinking pink will not fit in so well with the tweed plus fours!
hmmm ... green pandas with purple posies is debatable also :) 

This sweet chap is my current favourite, loving the more earthy colours ....I've been using some of the beautiful hand dyed fabrics I received from stitching life, so gorgeous!

Darn it though....wouldn't you know... the just sneaks in......

Aah well, when you're that cheeky and chirpy's impossible to resist :)


  1. i adore your animal crew ~n~ ewe

  2. Yup, the owl does it for me too. Although I have to say the Highland cow in need of some hair gel is a pretty close second :o) Hope the Fair goes well for you.

  3. thanks for the mention :-) These little portraits are such a lovely way of using the tiniest of precious scraps.

  4. Hi Jenny, your work is so lovely and full of the joys of life. Thank you for sharing what you create :)

  5. Oh man! I haven't checked out your work for a bit and i so looooooove the way you are going. I have a huge crush on the fabric/ mixed media combo and I think what you are doing is so wonderful!! Rock On!