Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dancing Queen

I'm loving where my creativity is taking me....this mix of paint AND stitch feels like I'm home....

I have always alternated between the 2 ....a bit of painting then Jeanie my wee machinie would start a calling! Not that I need to tell you though..I'm sure it's been fairly obvious over my bloggy history!

So here is the biggest piece I've ever worked on......"Dancing Queen"
A 16" x 16" mix of paper, fabric, paint, freehand machine stitching and hand embroidery on canvas...

oh and a stamp from Hong Kong too!

The words at the bottom read "No-one but the birds to see her dance in her polka dot dresss"!
Its my homage to the solo dance-offs I have in my living room when the door is closed and there's
no one home! ...Come on..I know I'm not alone :) 

I'm still having fun with the stitched animals too.....maybe all this stitching will help deplete some of my fabric stash..it's getting a touch unruly! So yes...all good in the hood here!

available in my etsy shop
I'd like to end by sending  big shout out to all my new followers....HELLO Deers! and Welcome!

So lovely to have you join me in this little creative corner...lets all have a Panda parrrtay! :)x


  1. Hi Jenny, that is one great piece of work and I love the quote. that must have taken ages to do. Your welcome deer is very adorable too. She? would lovely in my front entry. Jane x

  2. i LOVE your dancing queen!
    she's big in canvas AND heart!
    + all the animals must love her too.
    i sure do. xox

  3. You, my dear, seriously inspire me.

  4. That piece is gorgeous and you can see how much fun you had making it - it's a doozie!
    And you have my brand of madness - "hello dear" still has me chuckling.

  5. What a treat to have found you - this work is wonderful. I love the layering of fabric and paint - free style sewing all worked together.