Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Custom Made

Little princess
I've been having such a lovely time creating some commissioned pieces recently. Facebook has been an incredible discovery in people stumbling upon my work and "liking" it. Don't I sound like such a BOF?! (Boring Old Fart for those unfamiliar with the term!)
..but honestly I have resisted Facebook for so long and when I finally "get with it"...well I'm wishing I had done a WHOLE lot sooner :)

 a commissioned fathers day gift..bless!

So I'm currently feeling very much in the flow and ease of is feeling  good right now.

There's one little discord however....while speaking about "shoulds" a few posts ago I have to admit that writing blog posts is one of them...and I want to shake it up a little and get me out of bloggy lethargy! So if you will bear (bare?..having brain freeze!) with me...(get nekkid if you like) I'll be back with a few changes and a bit more intention!

Hope all is good in the hood with you xx


  1. yes! facebook can be a great space to connect!
    love your commissions + seeing you take flight.

  2. nothing wrong with being liked! and your work is lovely, so lovely I am going to follow you (how creepy is that?!) and put you on my blog roll. so there! look forward to seeing your progress...good luck!

  3. wonderful pieces!!!
    i am too on fb as el tsamp!!!

  4. You know I am your biggest FAN! I just love seeing your shining star skyrocketing even higher. You deserve every bit of success and happiness all of your hard work has earned you.

  5. I always love to see your work !!! Soooooooo cute and unique ♥♥♥

  6. these are SO lovely! how great to find those connections on f.b. congratulations and well done! your work is incredible.

  7. Just adore Polly, fabulous piece x

  8. So lovely, those birds are adorable. Glad FB is working out for you, not sure I 'get it' yet, maybe I need to put more effort in!? x

  9. As always, your art & books are stunning - soooooooo gorgeous! Every time I see one of your new creations I'm astounded at your talent. I'm still waiting for your workshop retreats so that you can try blessing me with some of your skill & experience! Is my retreat accommodation built yet?? LOL :-)

    Kat Xx