Wednesday, 30 May 2012

In a "fankle"

Sometimes no other words express the moment better than a Scot's one.....and in a "fankle"  is where I've been!

"Butterscotch and bunting!"
Highland cow's and stitched girls gone BIG.....
work in progress....with 8" hoop embroidery to show size!
A tweet sweet pocket notebook kit....

available in my etsy shop

 A lot of different things being created this week, as well as a sizeable amount of whispers from my heart and an equal measure of rebuffs from my mind ....and so the fankle!

I've always tried to steer clear of "shoulds", but sometimes without even noticing it sneaks in surreptitiously... and only on stopping and asking myself why I've gone down a particular road the  "should" makes itself apparent.
Sneaky thing!

This last month or so has been a rather large learning curve (in the shape of a loop-de-loop rollercoaster!)  when it comes to following my creative dreams..and I'm realising more and more, how much of my perception of a creative business is based on other people's notions and experiences, and how the decisions I have made have perhaps been more from a "should"...

Hmmmm...A good realisation to come from a fankle!

And while I fly by the seat of my (big girl!) pants and move along the twists and turns of the roller coaster, I've been reminded of where my true path lies. Yes it is inevitable that I'll look at other people, see their success and take note of their "methods"....but my heart is the key to keeping me on the "right road for me right now"...cue big old life affirming *sigh* 

So with the "fankle" over and done....I shall return..probably no differ to you than before..but to me a world has changed  :)x


  1. Loving all your beautiful makes. x

  2. this fankle seems to serve you,
    as you keep crankling out
    amazing creations!
    love them all, dear friend!

  3. Those note book kits are a great idea - I'm sure things will work out for you, hope you're feeling clearer x

  4. I've certainly got my yarn into a fankle over the last couple of days! What a fab word...and thankfully sounds like you have untangled yourself from your fankle and have a more focussed vision...posts like these show how much wrestling between heart and head goes on behind the creative process and before the finished products.
    Hope the next stage of your rollercaster ride is more smooth and straight Jenny!
    Butterscotch is an amazing colour and LOVE the BIG book!
    Thinking of you
    Ali x

  5. oh wow, so glad I found your blog....LOVE your creations!

  6. Looking at your newer post & these lovely creations you seem to have come out your 'fankle' (Loving this word. Thanks also for the translation link) with beautiful creations. Life does love to force us on the roller coaster rides we'd rather avoid. Instead we'd rather go on the swings or maybe just sit at the edge of the fairground and eat ice-cream :-)) But when we come out of a fankle we quite often find out we've learnt something even if its just that fankle roller coasters are bloomin exhausting. LOL. :-)

    Hugs to you (sorry I haven't visited for a while)
    Kat Xx

  7. I can so relate to being in a fankle! I get in fankles too, and they usually happen when I'm shoulding all over myself! I love the directions and twists and turns of your creative journey. Your art work is so beautiful and is expanding so organically. I love it. Big hugs and lots of love to you my lovely friend, Em xx