Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Book kits!

       I'm totally going off track from the animal theme...but I do still have a few to show time!
This is my latest project which I've been all engulfed by.. but am so happy to introduce my latest little venture..... Create -your -own -book kits!
When it comes to the whole "wholesale and retail" price side of things I've been really struggling with selling my handmade books.
Before I ventured into forging a creative biz I was rather naiive about all of this...and whilst having time to get my head around it all (and having to hike up my prices), it's all been feeling a little "not quite right" and I've been trying to find a solution that does! An online bookmaking workshop has been an idea for a while....but looking around there are so many e-courses going on I've not come up with anything yet that hasn't already been done....

It was a lovely chat with an inspiring lady who nonchalantly suggested book kits...just a "fling in" of an idea... but my mind and heart were saying YES! That's it! Eureka!! So thankyou Susie! :)

So what I've created is a little bit of me (a pre-made padded book cover with a choice of 2 designs) and all the materials to embroider/applique the cover, decorate the pages with YOU and bind the pages to make your very own book!
There's materials and illustrated instructions to bind the 60 pages (120 front and back),  make fabric flowers, ruffles, tags and pockets. There's sequins, seed beads, threads, buttons, butterflies, lace, organza and netting..oh and paper too!

examples of what can be made and added to the pages

Everything to make your very own book that you get to fill with the treasures that make up YOUR story!..and all for a snip of a price!

I'm feeling so happy with these kits..and I so LOVE the idea of sending these out into the world where a joint creative venture can be had!
You can check them out here in my etsy shop!


  1. Great idea, the kits look great! Good luck with selling them! Valerie

  2. Wow!! they are all georgeous.

  3. Aha... eureka indeed, that's a really excellent idea. Good luck!

  4. you are book brilliant, jenny!
    LOVE!!! xoxox

  5. What a fabulous idea Jenny...wishing you many sales and happy feedback!
    Ali x

  6. Hi Jenny, brilliant idea...they look gorgeous... hope they sell like hot cakes... :)

  7. Jenny, this is fantastic! Sure to be a huge hit! What a great launch point for your own creative biz but also to the terrified creatives like me who wonder how the heck you start making one of those wonderful books. You always amaze and inspire.

  8. what a great idea! They look lovely. It's hard to be an artiste and get a business head on too isn't it? Hope they sell like hot cakes - don't forget to market them widely!

  9. Excellent idea, especially as it's just in time for AOS! See you on Sunday. Kate xx