Friday, 10 February 2012

lucky..a winner and an elephant!

I don't think I ever showed you the little journal I made for my mum for her christmas...

She has a soft spot for my elephant sketch and a huge love of purple... 


I just wanted to make her a little something special even though she deserves the world :)

And lets not forget the giveaway winner!!
Going back to my mum, she makes us play spin the bottle every New Year's gathering, despite the groans and protests...thankfully the grand children are all now big enough to perform the random tasks such as "hop on one leg singing how much is that doggie in the window?!" ....I shall say no more....:)
Anyhoos..I thought how better to pick a winner....this time with no ritual humiliation required!
So here we have circle of names and one empty tonic bottle (ahem!)

Can you see? Bit blurry huh?
Yayyyyyy...Its the sweetest Em at "Mimi and Tilly". Congrats to you!
This lady is a girl after my own heart, red slippers, all that sparkles, mahoosive rings and courageous honesty.

 I'm afraid I couldn't stop though..its actually quite fun this spin the bottle milarkey (well when there's no party pieces to perform...may have to suggest this to mum!!)

 So I've got a little something for Colette and Whinging Ninja too x

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend


  1. Cover your ears Jenny! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I won! I won! Thank you so much, I am beyond excited about this. You have absolutely made my week. Will email you now. Big hugs, Em xx (Thank you for your kind words here too.)

  2. congrats to mimi and tilly. + to your mom!
    that elephant is DEAR. + i adore your new blog banner too!
    loooooooooooove u, gorgeous! xox

  3. ooh thanks for playing spin the bottle with my name haha I'm eating pizza as I type this... just thought I'd say gonna email you in a min

  4. congrats girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mums elephent Journal.

    p.s yay colette eek how exciting to win something and whoo hoo to Mimi and Tilly and whinging ninja lucky Girlz. :)


  5. congrats girls and i also love your mum,s book,well done,its lovely.xx

  6. Congrats to the lucky lucky ladies! You are so generous Jenny.
    Wishing you a happy weekend from Oregon!
    Love to you,

  7. Congratulations to the winners and loving the beautiful present you made your mother. Am sure she adores it, x

  8. i love the elephant!! how adorable it is. and congratulations to the lucky winners! so exciting, i'm sure they'll be thrilled.

  9. Oh my!!!! I jumped around squealed with joy when I read this!! How exciting, I will certainly have a great weekend now. x x

    p.s. Love the spin the bottle idea,

  10. Lucky, lucky winners! Your elephant journal is exquisitely embroidered and you have used such beautiful colours.


  11. Jenny can you email me at bluebellbunny23atyahoodotcomdotau your email yours isn't working for me for some reason cheers Jess

  12. Hi Jenny, the journal is gorgeous. Congrats to the winners... :)

  13. Congratulations Em. Your journal is lovely, lucky Mum and that has to be one of the most original ways I've seen a winner picked recently :)

  14. oh just found your blog and love it will add u to my google reader tried to follow on friend connect but it would not let me , i sure envy your mum getting that devine elephant journal its just gorgeous ...

    hugz bev

  15. What a wonderful journal - your Mom and I share similar loves... I love that elephant and the color purple too :)

    That is the best way to pick a winner that I've seen! Very cool.


  16. Virtual cyber hugs to you - your comment on my blog about raining battenberges made me belly laugh for ages!!!! I bet we'd have a great time with a bottle of wine :)