Friday, 17 February 2012

Book knowledge

I am feeling slightly smug at the moment as I've lost some weight! I did it the unplanned, non conventional way...sick bug followed promptly by seems that the art of surprise is the way forward!
But weigh loss aside, unsurprisingly there's been little else achieved all week! So I thought I'd share a book that I'm currently leafing through....

I really fancied doing this surface pattern design course, but after very sensibly (and unusually)
considering the time I have,what I'm actually meant to be working towards and what it is I really want to know more about...I decided to see if I could find a book that could fill in some gaps. Cue the book above..."A field guide to Fabric Design" by Kimberley Kight.
 With pages like this these I was immediately sucked in by the visuals...
 And there's the reasonably easy to follow instructions to do the things that I was wanting to find out about!

I know you can't replace a jam packed e-course with talented designer input...but for me right now this cuts the biscuit perfectly. (and the wee matryoshka dolls thought so too!)

So how do you find out about the new things that you want to try out? Do you go to classes? Join an e-course? Read a book? I'd love to hear :)
Hugs to you all


  1. Hope you are now feeling really better! I mostly inform myself of what is going on through the internet! Valerie

  2. I have a tendency to make it up as I go along, referring to internet articles/tutorials as necessary. I've tried the book thing multiple times with things such as Photoshop, watercolours and crochet, but I always end up putting it on my bookshelf and just throwing myself in the deep end ;)
    Hope you're starting to feel better :)
    Helen x

  3. Happy Weekend Jenny girl!
    Hope you're on the mend. I was sick last weekend, no fun.
    Online classed have been a great way for me to learn. If I
    can see the process live it makes it much easier for me. I tried
    to learn how to knit with a book and I just couldn't figure it out until
    someone showed me. Sending you a get well hug.

  4. Hi Jenny

    Hope you're feeling much better now. Enjoy the weight loss while you can, if my previous experience is anything to go it doesn't take long for it to creep back on :o)
    I suppose for me its a bit of a combination. I start off with books, then have a look for you tube tutorials ( sometimes its easier to understand if you can actually see it being done). I ask for help and advice from anyone I know that has experience with any new venture I want to try, then eventually I dive in and make the rest of it up as I go along.


  5. Hi Jenny, glad your feeling better...e courses I have mixed feelings about... I've done two that were brilliant. I learnt masses and worth every penny and one that was expensive, alot of fluff and not much content. I think youtube is excellent for finding out most things...a good book and research on the net. Also you can't beat trial and error.
    I was chatting to my 10 year old niece this week who lives in Australia. She told me that she loves your artwork... Have a good weekend.. Hugs :)

  6. Oh dear, i've done that weight loss plan too.
    I loved your wee helpers sharing this book. And I'm so glad you've found a book that speaks to you!
    I think books have always been my favorite way to learn anything, that and just trying.
    Hope your all better now sweetie,
    xo lori

  7. oh goodness me. That is not a pleasant way to lose weight. Mind you, neither is dieting! lol. Or exercise.... tehe...

    I love online courses. pity they cost money....

  8. I cannot speak highly enough of that course - they have seriously gone the extra mile every time, so if you get the chance next time, it is more than worth the money I paid. Best course ever, ever, ever. Book looks interesting for reference...might take a peek on amazon! As for weight loss - get some batternburg down you! LOL :)

  9. That book looks fabulous, thank you for the heads up :D

  10. Sorry to hear about all that illness. :( Hope everyone is feeling lots better now!!

    That book looks divine! Thanks for sharing.

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