Friday, 3 February 2012

Emptying before filling...

What a funny week I've had, maybe not so funny haha...but rather strange and interesting to watch.
For the first half I was a crazed woman painting every surface in sight...
even the barometer deer head got a lick...not sure how he feels about that!

freshly painted wall with collection of bits and be added to!
Walls got done, even skirting boards..and then I cleaned and de-cluttered and threw stuff out!
Talk about a major clearing! The local charity shops are now bulging at the seams!

I even colour arranged some books!!

And then I was left feeling all empty and a bit lost..I mean here I am living my dream at could I possibly be feeling an anti climax?!

My sweetest Stu kindly stepped in and reminded me that while I've taken one step towards living my dream there's ALOT more adventures to come. And ultimately the beauty of dreams is that they never is reached and another is born. Aww thanks my love.

Probably the funniest and most definitely strangest  part of the week however is the new mantra I have involuntarily adopted.....That classic movie "Bad boys 2" happened to be on tv right in the midst of my downer and now I just can't help myself saying "woosa..."
I mean.... it just keeps slipping out!
Its annoying Stu no end :)

One more week left before my celebratory givewaway closes..roll up roll up!

Wooooosaaaaa xxxxx


  1. love the deer Jenny.xx

  2. Loving your fab pink Deer Jenny, x

  3. Fabulous as always ! Love your style ! Your embroideries. I just might have to try my hand at a few.
    I just went through a major purge in my studio and felt very empty and exhausted when it was complete... now I feel refreshed and ready to create again.
    I hope to be able to visit more often.

  4. Wow, you have been busy! Fab deer! Valerie

  5. oh good for you! all that cleaning and painting and purging. i wish i could paint so easily, love your wall of brights and your deer is perfect. i bet he's feeling quite special!

  6. You have a freshly painted and clean house to mess up.... yay..... I expect the dear is tickled Pink! lol... hope your feeling happier... :)

  7. Well, doesn't your nest look bright and cheery! I love how fresh and fun it looks!
    Now to continue making new dreams!

  8. Your pretty frames look so fresh and bright against the white wall and your deer looks fun.

  9. If the deer doesn't like it remind him who's hanging on the wall. :) You've worked so hard to get to where you're at, I think it's natural to feel a little "huh?" about finally getting there. I agree with Stu for what it's worth, and I think you're still going up up up!

  10. Couldn't help but chuckle when I saw that you had arranged your books by colour- my husband would have a FIT if I did that! Looks good though :-)

  11. Give yourself permission to ease in gently! You're bound to have a while of turbulance but then you'll be flying!

  12. i also love your deer! + your own dearness. always. xox

  13. Hello my uber-talented and wonderful friend. You blog is always such eye candy! The hot pink deer is divine and I love the pop of colors against those pristine white walls. Always so neat to see how styles translate and permeate through our lives. You adventure has just begun, but don't forget we need the downtime to recharge our creative batteries. Even the good Lord rested for a day. Love and hugs.

  14. Love the barometer deer idea..and the colour!! Your bits and pieces are fab too Jenny!
    Your anti-climax moment reminds me of one of my fave poems:

    Hope you have lots of Woosa moments this week...assuming woosa is a positive mantra!!
    Ali x

  15. It's odd how our emotions ebb and flow isn't it? It must be a frightening time, (change always throws me for a loop) but it won't be long before you're looking back at this day from the lofty heights of your heart soaring because you've created the most beautiful life for yourself out of your passion. Good for you! I'm so excited for you Jenny. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog post last week. I felt so nervous and "nekkid" putting my feelings out into the world like that, but had been wanting to share it for a while and wasn't quite sure how. Your kind words and lovely support made a real difference to my week Jen. Thank you so much. Sending oodles of love and big supportive hugs from my heart to yours. Em xxxx

  16. So glad to see you on your way to living your dream. Woot woot! :) Happy Wednesday.

  17. Love your new header!!

    Finally catching up on my blog reading. Sorry you're feeling a bit of a downer, but I can totally understand. We feel like we should "be there," when in reality we're all still traveling.

    Your painted deer is lovely! So fun!!

    Hugs to you. So glad to be joining you on this journey!