Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Prepare to smile :)

Ok..I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet EVER!
I think its being a humble self effacing Scot that does it....(haha!)
But...I warn you if you are not in the mood to smile please go no further.....

And if you don't smile...seriously..you have a cold cold heart :)

Look at what this lovely brooch swap has inspired...sooooo nice to just sit with a needle and threads and oodles of little fabric scraps...

oh and wouldn't you know...they are even on sale in my little etsy shop :)


  1. These are amazing. How cute would they be on a child's backpack, too? I LOVE these....they are so unique and clever....I lov the one that says, "SOAR" - really you rock with these!

  2. I LOVE THESE! You are super creative...I wish I could have been apart of the Brooch swap.

  3. I LOVE love LOVE these! Love them! So sweet and inspiring.

  4. i am joining the
    i've also sent you
    a message through
    etsy conversations :)
    i'm smiling for sure!!
    (& soaring) XOX

  5. hehehehe i joined the brooch swap too and i have been dreaming brooches {{{thanks for the link too :) }}} i have been playing around too making some hearts with wings amongst other's round ones,etc etc but mine dont look as cute as yours!!!

    i would have to say your work is the best inspiration ever not to mention so colourful,eye catching and beautiful!!!! your work also makes me Smile :) I may not comment all the time but i make sure i always pop in.
    I would love to be able to paint!


  6. Gorgeous! I have so many ideas for the swap but not sure where to start - these are definitely making me smile! x

  7. Fab! Funny thing, I joined in on this swap too. It should be fun to design something and make it up. Love yours to death, not if only I could think of something for me to make.

  8. Can you see me smiling?!
    These are lovely. Just about to visit your shop to see more :)
    Good luck with them - they are full of fun & I love the packaging.

  9. These are lovely an ddid make me smile! I also LOVE your notebooks in the other post!

  10. What a wonderful idea Jenny...love them..the words are great... and yes I smiled...but then my heart is like gooey toffee.......

  11. Yes, yes, yes! These definitely made me smile! So sweet!

  12. *Smiling from ear to ear*

    Love the idea of wearing one on your sleeve - you are amazing!


    p.s. Your notebooks are TOTALLY FABULOUS too!

  13. Hi Jen, I am just beaming right now! Loooooove these beautiful little brooches. I put up some painted affirmations around my mirror today... I love anything that supports people in being as amazing as they can be and I love the joy and optimism in your art work and designs. I'm glad you liked my etchings! Hope you're having a fandabbydozy weekend. Love and hugs, Em xxx

  14. These are beautiful and I love the messages! Wini xo