Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Creative Colour Swap!

Ooooh it sooo good to back....I've had an enforced computer holiday due to a spyware attack. Sounds dramatic hey? More like a right royal pain!
Oh well every cloud and all that..I've now got plenty of art work in the waiting and things to share..not all at once however!
Over the weekend I was so delighted to receive a package from my swap partner for the Creative Colour Challenge I was taking part in over at Louise Gale's blog.
The challenge was to pick two complimentary colours and only use these colours (plus optional black and white) to create a piece featuring blooms! A very tall order I thought!! But not for the lovely Sam at Gollywobbles who made the gorgeous wall hanging above.....
I LOVE it! And so funny that we both chose to make stitched wall hangings...kindred spirits I feel :)
I particularly LOVE the words she wrote....so relevant to where my life is a right now. So a HUGE thankyou Sam! You made my day :)
I did this painting using the complimentary colours in the world of Jenny...orange and turquoise :)
Well i figured orange was kind of near red and turquoise was kind of near green so voila..complimentary!
I'm needing to gather some paintings together for an wee exhibition I'm taking part in (very exciting!!) so I transferred the painting onto fabric and turned it into a wall hanging to send to Sam.
Now I'm off to blog hop and say hi to you all...oh I've so been missing this! :)xx


  1. Oh my goodness this wall hanging is GORGEOUS! I just love your pieces. Beautiful!

    Bummer about your computer, glad it could be fixed. It is amazing how dependent we become on these little machines.

  2. Love this! Orange and turqoiuse are wonderful together!

  3. Welcome back :)

    Your artwork is always soooo amazing - I can't wait to hear more about the exhibit!


    p.s. thank you for ading the Paint Party Friday button to your sidebar... I can't wait to see more of your beautiful paintings! Wheeeee!!! (I've added your link to the PPF sidebar too.)

  4. i love the quote on the wall hanging.

    ugh! sorry to hear about the virus, that's sooo annoying - i get so frustrated when i have technical promblems!

    i always love seeing your cheerful work!

    glad you are back!!! have a great day

  5. Welcome back! Such gorgeous work you received and sent. Love your combination of painting and fabric. Lovely! I love seeing what everyone creates - such fun Xx

  6. Wow, love both these wall hanging... sorry about your spying bugs, I can imagine it's a right pain.. glad your back with us...

  7. Simply lovely, dahling! I adore turquoise and orange together, especially with such a sweet painting as this one :)


  8. just stopped by to say HellO and check out all your awesomeness!

  9. Love your wall hanging, Jenny, both made and received. I took part in the Colour Challenge too - great fun. Missed your blogs so good to have you back!

  10. The wall hanging you have made is just sooo beautiful, Jenny. You are so talented. And the hanging you receiveed really touched my heart. The words are so true. Hope you're having a great week. I am currently buried under a pile of wool, crocheted granny squares and knitted squares. It's the best place to be! Em xxx

  11. Just Beautiful!!! I love that wall hanging!!!

  12. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. :( Love your wall hanging. So gorgeous.

    Congrats on the exhibition. Can't wait to hear more about it!