Friday, 11 March 2011

The kindness of others

These last few weeks have sooooo been filled with abundance! :)
Not only have I been lucky enough to receive a lovely swap gift and win a gorgeous loveheart pincushion..I actually won a stunning original loveheart painting from Kristin Dudish's One World One Heart Giveaway too which has just arrived! Can you feel my delight??!! I'm doing a wee jaunty jig right now! :)
I had the fortune of "meeting" Kristin at the very beginnings of my bloggy life...and she stood in the side lines and cheered me on, as she still does. So to receive a piece of her very own inspiring artwork means ALOT!

Wow! Something is going on with me and lovehearts! I'm happy with that! :)
And not being very up on the etiquette of winning too many items via blog land I'm holding onto these lovehearts and never letting go! .....mwahahahaha!!!
OK!OK! I'll not enter any more giveaways for a while..just to give you all a chance :)

Isn't the painting just exquisite? I LOVE it so. THANKYOU soooo much Kristin.
It has taken pride of place in our new hallway and is currently surrounded by hideous 1970's woodchip...I just couldn't wait for the redecorating! ( which I am psyching myself up for ...anyone with experience of the dreaded wood chip knows the reason for putting it off!!urgh!)

So here I am sending out a shower of lovehearts in return.....full of love and gratitude to you all. For really when it comes to kindness and support and love you really ALL do it soooo fully and fantastically well!
I heart you! :)xx


  1. Where are you hiding that horse shoe? Have you got the luck or what girl?! You deserve it though because you're pretty darn amazing and supportive yourself.

  2. That is so lovely - you are a very, very lucky lady. Have a great weekend. (hoping it's not all full of woodchip!) x

  3. I just have to say that your blog is one of my absolute faves! Your posts are wonderfully uplifting; filling me w/ much joy, happiness & inspiration! You have such great energy that's bursting forth w/ life & love & I'm so grateful that you share it here...THANK YOU!!! ~♥~

    P.S. I'm not surprised that you have been so's the giving you give coming back to you! : )

  4. YAY for you! I love Kristin. How cool that you got to meet her. Your heart message is beautiful as well! Glad to know you too through the bloggy world. I love visiting are so cheerful and creative...very inspiring!

  5. Lucky you! Enjoy your treats, creative people are just the best!

  6. Oh you are so lucky. I love Kristin and wanted that heart so badly.

  7. What fun to win another sweet heart! And what a gorgeous heart it is.

    Hearts to you for all the inspiration and encouragement.


  8. How lovely that you should be winning so many wonderful things. I'm smiling as I am looking at your elephant artwork and that is decorated with lots of hearts too.

  9. Awww... Thank you so much for this very kind post. I am so glad you're enjoying it - I can feel the love (and love the shower of lovehearts)!

    I echo the sentiments of these lovely people - You definitely are an inspiration!


  10. How cool! It's so nice to have art gifts from your friends! They mean so very much and you get to see them every day!

  11. What a lucky win - Kristin's painting is wonderful. I've only recently discovered Kristin & have signed up to the paint party friday challenge.

    I *heart* you too btw :-)

  12. I can feel the love, sistah!!! And to have a lovely piece of art from the lovely Kristin is so fabulous =-)