Monday, 28 March 2011

Come with me for a trip to the hills!

I had hoped to have a spring piece (inspired by Creative Tuesday) to show you but yesterday the choice was either picnic or paint and when I share these photos with'll see why I went for a picnic! :)

I'm very lucky to live in a small town nicknamed the"Gateway to the glens" which means that which ever way you walk in 5 minutes you will come across rolling hills and farmland...

Leaving the houses, the hills beckoning...
we're heading for the heart of the glens, where the snow still lies..

further up we go...barren hills awaiting Spring and the bursting of colour....

keep following the winding track, careful of the sheep!....

getting closer to the heart where the hills are ancient and loom overhead...

where the air is so pure that lichen hangs off the trees

and the land is so harsh that crops won't grow, only sheep to roam...

As far as the car can go...time for a picnic stop then head off on foot

heading further and further into the heart of the hills, following the river upstream...

until we reach the source of the river at the highest point....and the only tracks belong to sheep...

This is where I grew up and the place that pulls me back whenever I leave....these hills are where my heart roots.....and how I love them so :)x


  1. Thank for taking us along with you. Beautiful, so beautiful! I like how you describe the hills as ancient. Scotland looks amazing!
    Thanks for visiting me today, it always makes me smile to see a message from you. :)
    Much love to you my friend,
    the other Jenny

  2. I liked that trip! A lot! Scotland looks lovely through your eyes and I adore those sheep and the river!

  3. I absolutely adore this post and what a fabulous homage to your homeland. I love seeing where other artists live and work and what they gravitate towards when they need a break. I grew up in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania and like you I often feel their pull. Sadly, they are 1300 miles, it is the pull to the barn and horses.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comment today. I have been struggling a lot with creative confidence and your words were such a boost. HUGS>

  4. What breathtaking views, lovely to see your 'home land' too. I spent a lot of time as a child traveling around Scotland on holidays, this takes me right back there.

  5. You're making me homesick for Scotland!

  6. I felt completely drawn in by your writing, Jenny. A lovely post. I have only been to Scotland once but absolutely agree, it is stunning and I plan to revisit sometime.

  7. This so so beautifull.
    About 16 years ago I worked as an au pair in London for a year.
    I took a cross -Brittan trip with some friends one weekend, in a van, to Ireland, traveling over Scottland.
    This brings so many memories! I remember constantly looking at hills and hills and hills. Little ones, small ones, as we were passing through, and endless groups of freely and carelessly grazing sheep and cattle.
    Dreamy place to live! Close to G-d!
    Thank you for making me take a virtual minivacation from my Brooklyn apartment.:)

  8. oh jenny,
    this is breath-taking
    & serene & a REAL/AWAKE dream.
    i would be in the BEST
    physical shape
    if i lived here...
    walking & running THOSE roads.

  9. OH this is just a beautiful spot...we always must go back to where we came from...there's no place like home! Thank you so much for your kinds words - i see my sheep are really right there along the cool! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  10. Oh, Jenny! Your landscape is so beautiful. I'm so glad you took us on this trip with you! I'd love to see more!

  11. Wow, how beautiful. It must be wonderful living somewhere so lovely! Fantastic pictures. Thanks for the trip. Also, I love Myrtle.

  12. Thanks for taking us along on your picnic! i can see why your roots are still there, gives me a peaceful feeling just looking at the pics and imagining. Would love to borrow your sheep as a reference for painting! Thank you for stopping by blog on my first PPF