Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Joy Journal GIVE-AWAY!! and TUTORIAL!!

Oooh, my heart is beating a bit fast here and I've got butterflies in my stomach! ...which I take as a VERY good sign and that i've done the right thing!!...I've just hit the "publish" button for my very first tutorial!! A junk to JOY tutorial...on how to make your very own journal out of paper and card that most of us have in our recycled boxes! (or in a big pile in the corner...if you're not very organised like me!!) I hope it gives a small bit of inspiration to look at the bits and bobs we have around our home in a different light.I also hope it encourages you to note down all the things that fill you with joy, the dreams that are waiting to be fulfilled, the small things that fill you with gratitude....

To celebrate I'm having another JOY Journal Giveaway too....I did say I would make this giveaway a regular event and it remains my intention.....
(To find out more about my intention behind the JOY journal check out here.)

If you would like to join the joy (and making one seems like way too much effort!!) just leave a comment below and I will randomly pick the winner on 25th January (which is "Burn's night"...so we'll toast the famous poet with a little JOY!)
Near or far, follower or not... all are welcome!

This time the journal pages are based on a pink/orange/brown theme, with lots of pink feather that have moulted from my youngest's feather boa!! (a xmas present..which has left a trail of feathers ever since opening..thanks Granny Alexis!! )
There are tags, clear pockets, a spinning wheel, an envelope pocket, to name a few.
A "feely"- fest for sure!

Additional NOTE:
I'm adding on another day to the giveaway, so the winner will be picked on Wed 26th January ....work commitments getting in the way of blogging..alas! :)
good luck!x