Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Sketches & Blog Award!

I've titled this post Sunday Sketches but its more a sunday splurge of colour and random shapes with a couple of works in progress added for good measure! It shows I have been doing some artwork however!
There are many more great (and proper!) sketches to be seen here.

As for the Blog Award, I'm so chuffed to say I've been given two awards from two very lovely ladies Anne and Lisa . Thankyou!!
And so due to their very loveliness I am compelled to go against my natural urge to avoid all things that involve standing under a spotlight.... and go for it!! :)
So the Award requests I give you 7 pieces of info about myself and then pay it forward by nominating 7 "recently" discovered stylish blogs! Here goes.....(and in no particular order)

1) My first ever crush was on BA Baracus..... "I pity the fool"......
2) Rock and roll is in my genes...I'm related to the original singer of ACDC....
However I never found out until I was well past the age of using it as "cool" leverage!
Which leads me onto...
3) My Dad was a chemistry teacher at the same high school I went to.... thankfully there were 2 chemistry teachers at the school one of which everyone hated, so I didn't get too much flack as a result. However I never took Chemistry as a subject to find out!!
4) I gave birth to my two girls at home (no it wasn't an accident!!) It was soooo lovely to be able to curl up in my own bed a few hours after birth for the night.
5) When I was 21 I set off to Australia with a one way ticket and £350 in my pocket....I pray my children never put me through the same scenario! :)
6) After quite a bit of wandering I have returned with my family to live in the same place that I grew up..a pretty wee town of red sandstone where James Barrie wrote Peter Pan in his wash house......hmmmm maybe thats where all these winged girls are coming from...
7) I met the love of my life on a blind date :)

ok and the wonderful blogs I am paying the "Stylish Blog Award" forward to are

ooops, thats 8....!


  1. both pieces are lovely
    how fun to live in the town that Peter Pan was written... must be wings fluttering here and there.

  2. Love the first piece, super cool and the second one looks neato too. Loved learning more about you! Your blog and work are awesome!

  3. All very lovely pieces, Jenny. Beautiful soft colours!

  4. First I love your new pieces. Also Congrats on the blog award. Also I love getting a glimpes of other bloggers lives. It shows you are a very brave girl!!

  5. I'm loving your sketches and the gorgeous colors. I also really love your banner.

  6. BA the first sketch, all the color...and the second one has very nice texture as well...

  7. I loved reading your confessions. ACDC eh? Pretty cool!

    Your work is so fresh-looking. If it was a season it would be Spring! It's really lovely - a pleasure to look at.

  8. very pretty, and I enjoyed the other paintings on your blog as well! You are very talented!

  9. love your Sunday splurge of colour, it works for me!

  10. BA Baracus - HA! Nice to know a bit more about you, I always wish I'd gone to Australia, no-one would come with me and I wasn't brave enough to go on my own. Maybe one day....
    Thanks for awarding me too! 7 newly discovered blogs - that's going to be tough!

  11. Congratulations on your awards. So very deserving. And I love your sketches. That fairy one is my favourite! :)

  12. been looking at your pictures here and your work is lovely.

    haha austrailan trip did not do that but went off to south america .... I am not sure how my nerves would handle my kids doing that lol

  13. oh you have some really neat pieces here!!! love them all....and congrats on the award!!!!

  14. Congrats on your award! These are really wonderful pieces. Looking forward to sharing more art with you!


  15. Jenny this is a wonderful blog. I loved learning abit more about you and your claim to fame ;)
    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for awarding my blog with a Stylish Blog Award!! I am SO thrilled and feel really touched by your gesture. It meant a great deal as I still feel a newbie to blogging and am learning as I go.
    I will be paying it forward today. How exciting and what a lovely thing to do!
    Have a great day x

  16. Gorgeous pieces! That first piece is perfection. The combination of colors and designs is stunning.

  17. beautiful depth on your work!
    and a HUGE conrgatulations to you! So glad you received the award, you deserve it - I love your blog, too!! xxoo

  18. Hi Jenny,
    I have finally got round to posting on my blog and would like to give you a STYLISH BLOG AWARD. Not to repay you, because you gave one to me, but because I genuinely think you deserve it and I love what you do.
    I've been looking at your Etsy shop. Adorable elephants and creations. Hope it is going well.
    I joined Etsy today... baby steps... I might get as far as opening a shop when I finally get round to making some things to sell!

  19. First I would like to say a big ol' thank you to you - the feeling is definitely mutual... I always love, love, love coming to your blog. (And you are the inspiration for me putting "learn to sew" on my creative goals list for 2011)

    It is so neat to read all of these fun things about you (so very "cool" indeed that you actually have rock and roll in your blood! hee hee)

    I adore your adventurous spirit.


    p.s. I'm lovin' the color and patterns in these pieces

  20. Lovely work Jenny!
    I've just mentioned your very generous giveaway on my blog. So kind of you to award my blog dear. I have played along! Check it out to see if I can top BA Baracus!!!

  21. Nice to get to know you some more :-)