Thursday, 11 November 2010

Button badges AEDM # 11

Did I mention I had a craft fair on Sunday??!!
Haha! are probably sick of hearing me mention it!
Anyhoos my creative energies this morning have been put to making these little button badges...I'm quite liking the end result...small but sweet!
I had another go at lino printing and made the tags for the badges to go on.
Be thankful you can not see the mess of the kitchen worktop/table/windowsill.....I have not quite mastered the art of keeping my creativity confined to a small space :)

ps. I'd just like to say Thankyou ALL so much for coming along ,visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments. It always fills me with such gratitude and joy :) Yay!
I'm so enjoying this Art Every Day Month and meeting so many amazing creative inspirations. Go check it out! :)
My Creative Space is also happening today at the lovely kootoyoo which again is brimming with goodness and creativity... such a crafty bonanza going on!!


  1. they look great, especially on your tags, they are so fun! xo

  2. Very cute badges! The tags are fantastic too, love the different colors :-)

  3. oh how lovely and cute! did you cover the buttons first or do the stitching?

  4. These buttons look fun and the presentation is really cute. Love the tags!

  5. I do like your badges. My favourite is the pink one, second row along above the blue.

  6. Oh Jenny I wish I was going to the market so I could buy some of those! I'm seriously in love with them, how sweet can they get?! My favs are the red one and the one with the little purple flower on it. You are going to do great at the market, people are going to swarm your table and I hope you come home with an pretty empty car! :)


  7. Love your buttons and the cards for them look great, too! I'd love to be able to go to your craft fair!

  8. Oh those are soooo gorgeous, I'm not usually a badge wearer - but they are very tempting, love the green ones the best, x

  9. They are super sweet. They look like fun to make too. Have a fun, successful day at your craft fair!

  10. Hi Jenny! I'm a senior art student from Tasmania, Australia. I was wondering if you would answer some questions about your lino print tags and also about your badges. They are just lovely! I am making my own lino printed badges this year and I would really love to hear about your designs and the process you take to create them.
    It would really help with gather some insight into other artists work.
    So please e-mail me at if you're interest in helping me, and I will e-mail my questions though to you.
    Thank you!!