Friday, 12 November 2010

3 pregnant pictures! AEDM# 12

I quickly sketched this yesterday while I was on a teabreak at work and quickly coloured it during another cup of tea at breakfast today :)
And while my little sketch featured heavily around tea and quicknesses it has also surprisingly taken me on a bit of a journey, with a few revelations and realisations.....

This is only the 3rd piece I have ever created that features the pregnant form....which is pretty astounding considering I absolutely LOVE the pregnant body!
Women's curves at their utmost beautiful, housing another growing being...simply awe-inspiring!

It's also pretty crazy when considering that for the last 11 years midwifery has passionately filled my life.

So my journey took me into wondering why I have kept my 2 passions in life soooo separate-
being creative and being a midwife, especially when midwifery at its best relies solely upon intuition, openness and trust :)
I feel like I have been a bit foolish! take this long to realise just how divided I have kept myself! But I also feel that kind of deep sigh that comes with the dawning of a truth we actually always was just a bit hidden!

I want to share the first ever drawing I did celebrating the pregnant body , which funnily enough I did loooong before I became a mum or a midwife 15 years ago!

And the second one you'll maybe remember inspired by the lovely Louise Gale and her colour challenge I took part in August!

So there you have my 3 pregnant pictures......I have a feeling there may be LOTS more to come!
Thankyou for indulging me and letting me share :)
Please go and have a look at other amazing creatives over here!


  1. Amazing !!! Love, love,love.The celebration of life!

  2. The pictures are beautiful, so real. Love your post.

  3. It is curious how you only have 3 paintings combining the two. But the 3 you have are beautiful.

    I am particularly fond of the green one. I think it may be the first painting that I saw of yours.

  4. How wierd! Nelly, do you know I'd never even realised how two of them were virtually the same!
    mmmm...what does it all mean?!!

  5. OH wow Jeeny,I just love everyone of them..Hmm something new i've learned about you too..I am looking forward to seeing more of this avenue of you!

  6. These are *beautiful* - I hope you will continue to mix your two passions and share them!

  7. how beautiful. you've captured pregnancy so well! xo

  8. Jenny these are fabulous!!

  9. Wow, Jenny! They are FABULOUS!

    Thank you for the sweeet comment on my stuck blog post! So appreciated! ♥

  10. I like them all: even the ones you have on he right side of the blog. But I especially like the third one.

    Zebracorn Art Journeys

  11. How lovely that they have finally come together - it must just be the right time, lovely work you've created.

  12. Aww, I love your pregnant bellies!! I look forward to being round like that. :-) And I didn't realize you're a midwife. Very cool!

  13. These are beautiful. It's great that you've connected these two separate parts of your life.