Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Green girlie! AEDM #10

I'm all work and not much play at the mo, but I've managed to squeeze in a green bee-hived girlie. She was inspired by an old 60's dress pattern with these funny ladies drawn on the front...she looks like she needs a cigarette holder and James Bond wrapped around her waist!(Sean Connery era of course!)
"Well hello Mishhhh Money Penny"......... :)

I have joined in Whimsical Wednesday today! I'm not so sure this green girlie IS whimsical....infact I'm still trying to work out what "whimsey" means.... however I'm always here to learn! :)
And of course lots of wonderful Art Every Day here!


  1. I am loving this, it reminds me of the TV series Mad Men. I think it is perfectly whimsical. Very cool!

  2. Love this!!!My definition of Whimsy? Whatever the hel floats your boat even if everyone else thinks your a nutter. :o)

  3. Three things I like about this post
    1. Sean Connery - favorite man...yes DH knows this
    2. Green - favorite color
    3. Whimsy - the definition changes to suit the artist.

  4. I am so glad you stopped by my blog because now I have found yours! I love your art here! And I see that we have some mutual friends, Louise (ornament swap), Beth (postcard swap) and Andrea (create everyday) are all women I have had the pleasure of knowing here online and in person.

    Nice to meet you here!

  5. Hi Jenny! Thanks for stoppin by my blog. So glad you found me!!!!
    I love your green girl!!! She is very cool!
    When I looked in the Thesaurus it said flight of imagination. So definatly this the whimsey.
    Love it!!!

  6. Hi Jenny,

    What wonderful creations you have been making this November! I am really enjoying seeing your work!

    With so many people participating everyday it is incredibly hard to follow what everyone is up to every day but such a pleasure to discover new artists!

  7. perfectly 60s (and I know cause I was there).

  8. I like her! I'm kinda into the 60's and 70's of late. I think she's far out! But in a classy kind of way.

  9. This*is*fab*
    Great color and patterns!
    Hee Hee - I love plucky chicken heart's definition of whimsy :)


  10. oh yeah - she's got it...wonderful piece...great use of color and design

  11. Fantastic, love everything about her, great work!

  12. She is definately a little whimsy and a bit retro,could have done with her for my last atc hehe,whimsy is anything with wings,free,fluttery,flourishy,magical, with a bit of mystery.Your girly paintings are totally whimsical