Friday, 5 November 2010

the beginnings of "Big dreams"! AEDM #5

Despite my better judgement I've decided to post my half finished painting to show that I have been creative..though still some way to go! I am planning to have the weekend off.. I'll more than likely do something creative but I have self-imposed a ban from computers!! :)

This painting has been inspired by the little "creativity kit" I bought from the ray of sunshine that is Andrea Shroeder. It was actually a "create a map kit" where Andrea gave me wonderful meditations and this little workbook to work through mapping out my dreams, possible bumps in the road that stand in their way and ways to work round them. VERY inspiring and just sooooo full of positivity!
The main message I kept hearing LOUD and clear throughout the map making and the meditation was "I'm here to dream BIG" !!!
And why not?! Why settle with little ones...lets go totally wild and as far as the imagination can stretch! (which actually isn't as far and wide as I'd first thought...need to work on that one aswell as the painting!)

I wrote out a load of my hopes and dreams and glued them onto a piece of hardboard I'd recycled from a childrens book..this became my "canvas" ...that way my dreams are very much intertwined!
So I shall keep you posted asto whether they come true :)

I hope you are all managing to keep up with the creating every day!
There are LOTS more wonderfully creative peeps along here....
I'd like to end on a wee snap of the message my daughter created today after having a shower which made me smile :)

And on that note I shall sing an "oo la la oo see you soon! x


  1. I'm following Andrea and also love her meditations. They gave my morning a whole new start the other day and I was ready for anything! Plan to download her workbook. It is so good having connections with other creative souls. I feel like something has come together since I have started blogging and doing e-courses. It's a whole new world I didn't know existed. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. By the way.... also LOVE your new painting. I bought paints and canvas recently but yet to do anything with them :)

  3. Great color pallette and great start. I am going to have to check out Andrea. I will have a similar post tonight (half-finished project) as I am doing something a little more involved.

  4. I love this painting. I love the figure. I am not good at getting the proportions right when I draw people.
    Thanks for the link to Andrea.
    I received the package you sent and will write a proper thank you post this week-end. I love everything !

  5. I love to see work in progress. And yes, I agree about dreams--the bigger the better!!

  6. oh my goodness! i just love your painting so much and am so happy you are enjoying the kit.

  7. I absolutely love your new painting! Such a great idea for a canvas too!
    Just to let you know as well, I received your little package in the mail :) I love it all and thank you so much! It was a great way to start my weekend!
    Now I'm off to go check out Andrea, she sounds like a pretty cool chick! ;)

  8. What a fabulous idea! Love it!

    And, thank you for your comment on my blog! ☺☺

  9. can't wait to see that canvas finished what a wonderful idea putting all of your hopes and dreams down.Love your new painting also

  10. Love this dream thing. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Gonna run right over to FB and share the link.

  11. oh, right on! beautiful piece and a great message! i love your last photo especially - we used to have foam letters in our bathtub when our first was learning how to spell and read...though we always seemed to be making up gobbledygook words rather than real ones!