Monday, 8 November 2010

AEDM # 6, 7 and 8!

So did you all have a lovely weekend?! I hope so :)
I had quite a bustling one with a good amount of creativity and a bonfire, fireworks and sparklers thrown in for good measure! ( the 5th of November is British "Bonfire night" or "guy fawkes" and is based on gory past historical antics in the 1600's..but truthfully most of us all just enjoy the excuse to "ooh and aah" at fireworks and eat toasted marshmallows!!)

My mum and I also went craft fair hopping! There were a couple on locally so we headed off on the hunt for xmas pressies and also to get a feel of what to expect at the craft fair I have in a weeks time. It was great to see the variety of stuff on display and the creative talents of everyone. I feel a bit more prepared now...and have a list of things I'll need ...table cloth, small change, bags etc...all the things that hadn't even crossed my mind!!

I also started these lino prints for christmas cards over the weekend and finished the wee birdy one today...this is my first go with lino printing and I just kind of jumped straight in without too much knowledge or thought as to what I'm trying to do... :0/

I made them with the craft fair in mind..but I'm not too sure ..I know "less is more"..but I just feel something is missing. I'm thinking they'll maybe become the yearly handmade ones for my family and friends !! Just don't tell them they're my rejects! Haha!!

Go and see lots more "Art every day" people here X


  1. What fantastic "rejects." I like the bird on the Chrismas ball.

    Besides the gory details, Bonfire night sounds like fun. I LOVE firework! Unfortunately, my boys don't. (what is wrong with these children today?)

  2. It's been years since I've done block printing. These are delightful. Perhaps you might work back into them-- a wash of color for the background? A bit of sparkle on the ornaments?

  3. Great prints, you've done a fantastic job! They look really pretty in those colours sitting altogether : )

  4. Those are awesome holiday cards!!! Love the designs!

  5. these are so, so, so cool! just adorable! linocuts are on my "to try" list someday... though i'm scared of myself with an x-acto knife...

  6. Rejects?!? I love them!
    I love the process you went through in the post below... fabulous.
    The message on the shower wall is very cool - we do a lot of communicating on our shower wall too :) hee hee


    p.s. I am now very hungry for some toasted marshmallows!

  7. Those look fantastic, great lino cuts, I made my Christams cards the same way some years back.

  8. you have a great style - come and share play at Whimsical Wednesday:

  9. Love them!!! THANKS so much for my parcel LOVE it all!!! You make awesome things :-)