Thursday, 4 November 2010

Roll on! AEDM #4 and my creative space!

Apologies in advance for this really quick entry as my busy day looms ahead! I'm back to work after a luxurious 2 weeks off...however i'm one of the lucky ones with a job I it's no great shakes!
This quick pen on paper doodle was inspired by "Whip it"! Have you seen the film?...really sweet wee coming of age film featuring a Rollerskating Derby revival! Firstly I never knew such an event existed and secondly my nostalgia for the roller boots I never had as a kid was re-instated!! ....
is that a big "awwwww" I can hear you sigh?! :)
I want to paint something with a bit of hootin' hollering' rollerskatin'! ....but for now this little rollerboot is all I have to show :)
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Ps. thankyou so much for all your fantastic comments you left yesterday! Makes me smile HUGELY! I am hoping to spend some time visiting you all tomorrow xx
PPs. can you see the mistake on the wing at the back?! I've only this minute noticed! Oops!


  1. Hi Jenny
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been scrolling thru yours and what a fun space you have created here. Love your work too.

    A fun piece in black and white - I would never have spotted...

  2. Awesome, I love that you did this as a quick doodle!

    Have a good day back to work.

  3. Wow -- your "quick doodles" are amazing! How well I remember those roller skates from my youth . . .

    Thanks for the AED inspiration:)

  4. That movie was the best and this picture captures it, those wings....awesome.

  5. I love it and often forget how a crisp black and white can be so wonderful. Love the wings.

  6. This AEDM is turning out to be quite a lot of fun. Love your quick doodle.
    I never felt the desire to own wheels for my feet. Have fun at the day job today..
    see you tommorow

  7. For a quick doodle that's pretty awesome :-) Love the wings and the border!

  8. Oh, I love anyone who loves black ink as much as me!!!! Great linework.

  9. Great connection to draw this, it's very insightful and at the same time extremely detailed. Happy to hear you enjoyed creating this. A very happy Art every day month to you. Love ~ Ana

  10. Wow - quick doodle?!? Amazing!
    I'm looking forward to some more hootin' hollerin' rollerskating fun! (And it took me forever to figure out what you were talking about with the wing!)


    p.s. My sister just told me she thought I'd really enjoy that movie... I definitely have to rent it now!