Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stairway to Heaven!

I realise this will be of no significance to you, but after 2 years of waiting (impatiently!!) today I have a staircase that has been so carefully and beautifully crafted by my own true love, and which now can lead me to my own little space of heaven!
Excuse me while I do a happy dance! Whoop whoop!! Yeeeeeeeeha!!
the original route to my creative space!

Going together piece by piece

Our beoootiful stairs! Thankyou my sweetest Stu, and the lovely Atholl and David! X
....still doing my happy dance........!!! :)


  1. We have telescopic steps going up to our loft and it isn't easy going up & down with your hands and arms full. So I know exactly how you must be feeling to have these wonderful new stairs!! They look stunning and I bet you will be dancing for some time to come.

    I have a wonderful man like yours Jenny. He is currently knocking down walls in the kitchen and living area as I write :)

  2. Yay! What a big difference... A great reason to celebrate!

    Creating in style :)

  3. OH i can totally relate to that Jenny.Give him a big kiss from me ,he is wonderful,now you have space to create yay!!!!Posted little aussie gilr off tosday,sorry not sooner had a migraine last week for a couple of days,hope she arrives quickly,Enjoy!

  4. I can so relate. I have a contractor husband who never wants to work on his own house. How wonderful to have such a grand entrance to your creative space.

    Thank you for joining my blog. I LOVE your artwork. The colors are so bright and beautiful. You have great color sense.

    Nice to "meet" you.

  5. Wow!! That's wonderful!!! You are lucky to have a handy hubby! xo

  6. awww, wonderful words from you all! Thankyou!
    I have shown Stu all your lovely comments too ...hopefully he has been spurred on to finish the rest of the house rennovations!! Heehee! xx

  7. Hooray and congrats! The new stairs look great...!!! Wini.

  8. hello Jenny and thank you for visiting and your lovely comments. Have fun in your creative space...just LOVE the idea of a stairway to heaven! moira

  9. Oh wow Jenners - this looks great! I can stop worrying about you up there now!! OOOH can't wait to see it xxx Love xx