Tuesday, 19 October 2010

JUMP...and join in!

Its probably safe to say from my recent painting that I am still hankering after spring and summer :) However as much as I drag my heels along with the fast approaching winter I am being reminded that autumn and winter is just as important and soul nourishing...
While I'm not keen to do it, this time of year does invite us to slooooooow down! The early dark nights beckon us to keep warm and together. Our focus becomes more introspective and for me thoughts of where have I come from (this past year) and where do I want to go? arise... the space to take time and dream is made...
So yes....just as vital as spring and summer :)
I always seem to embark on a project (or several!) at this time of year, and having been introduced to the extra-ordinary world of blogdom I have discovered quite a few projects to get my teeth stuck into!

The infectiously sweet and gorgeous Tam from Willowing and Friends is doing an "Art, Heart and Healing workshop" over the next 4 weeks. If you are at all interested in whimsy or just want to take part in something with a WHOLE lot of love then join in! Its free!! Yes FREE, I say!!! Amazing!

Another wonderfully radiant sun- shiny lady called Andrea Schroeder is running her "Creative adventure" course which runs for a whole YEAR and is also FREE! Woweee! Its full of positivity, encouragement and support to help you recognise what your dreams are and make them come true. I'm ALL for that!

Today is also the day that the "big stitched Postcard Swap" begins, run by the very lovely Beth Nicholls. I discovered the last one Beth held just as the swap had finished and everyone was sharing the postcards they received.....some amazing ickle works of art and stitch....such a brilliant idea...and so I vowed to join in next time!
So do any of these tickle your fancy? Come join in...... :)


  1. Jenny - thank you SO MUCH for the above links. I have joined Tam's Willowing and Friends and am very excited. Also signed up for Creative Advenute. I have also recently got into blogdom and feel like I have been unleashed! Sometimes I need to rein myself in - I can spend HOURS following links and amazing blogs. But it is all too much fun so I am like a puppy off it's lead!! Love your painting by the way. So colourful and bright. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. The funny thing about fall is that every year I get a burst of creativity. There must be something in the air. Again, I must comment on how beautiful your colors are!

  3. Ooh, I love the energy in this piece :D Maybe you're picking up the vibes from us peoples in the Southern Hemisphere. Summmmmmmmmer is coming :D

    I'm going to check out the 'Creative Adventure', sounds, sounds interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (still coughing up a storm, but hanging in there)

  4. Thanks for sharing about all those - i'll go and have a little lookie!

  5. Those all sound great. I wish i had more time in the day! xo heather

  6. Hello lovely ladies! Delighted you all dropped by and I'm glad to hear the bustle of creativity in the air! (if not a touch envious to hear there is spring blooming down under after our first flutter of snow yesterday!)
    Heather..you may be right..I get the feeling I have seriously over estimated the actual spare time that I DO have :)

  7. Hello there Jenny, I tried to reply to the comment you sent me but alas you don't have a return email address. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I will do the same to you when firfox lets me. I am having problems with it and have done for a wee while.It looks like you do some lovely art on you little blog and I will go through your archives and have a peek. Ok Good luck next week! Cheers Angelique

  8. Thanks for reporting on all these - will have a look!