Thursday, 7 October 2010

Birdies & Blogtoberfest post 2!

Do you remember my elephants? I mentioned I was working on a kind of "series"...well here is the next installment I've been doodling. I'm a big fan of our feathered friends particularly the birds of prey that I see flying around the countryside where I live. Very majestic and beautiful. These birds aren't quite birds of prey but maybe a slight air of regality?!! :)
Everything I have been making at the moment is made with the craft fair in mind that I have in November. So here's some stuffed dangly birds and keyring birdies I've finished also. I'm finding the button eyes a little freaky on some of them...but my 11 year old assures me they are "coooool"! Who can argue with that?
And promised my little blogtoberfest item:
The sun shone the whoooooole day, from dawn to the dusk that is happening now...and it made my heart siiiiiiing! :)

I'm linking this to the lovely kootoyoo blog where you can check out other people's creative spaces too. Please do!

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