Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Belated Beginnings of Blogtober Fest! :Post 1

I'm late! REALLY late to be joining Blogtober Fest! But ever since I discovered this fest of blogging throughout October my inner dialogue has been something a bit like this.....
"A post every'll never be able to find stuff to write"
"but what a great challenge...and a great way to journal an eensy bit of my life"
"you've just been stating that you spend waaaay to much time on the computer as it is"
"but what fun it sounds and there are so many yummy blogs to check out and people to meet".
I could go on :)
Anyhoos, at 5 am this morning when I awoke to discover this argument was STILL going on I knew the decision was made..just to purely shoosht myself up !!
So I hope all you fellow Blogtober Festy peeps don't mind my late appearance, I assure you it's not been done on purpose just to make a majestic entrance! :)

Since my VERY early awakening this morn I clearly had time to mull things over and came up with an idea that would DEFINITELY give me something to write about each day! So my plan is that with every post I will include a "today I smiled because...." item. Its purely selfish...keeps me focused on the little daily moments of joy while autumn sweeps in and the days become short and cold! I'm a sunshine girl through and through so this is a little ray that can keep shining :)
I also have lots of creative goodnesss I would like to give away but shall organise shortly and let you know!

And so without further ado...

I got to share some time and space with a group of pregnant women who all glowed and stroked there blossoming bellies as we discussed their imminent labour and birth. You could feel the excitement and hope, blessedness and amazing journey they were travelling...and I smiled with a full heart as I remembered that feeling too. :)

LOTS more blogtober fest partakers to check out here!!

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  1. I'm very glad you decided to join, and to discover your lovely blog.

    Your artwork is gorgeous.