Saturday, 2 October 2010

Rain followed by sun. Phew!

Have you ever heard the word "dreich"? (the "ch" part is a real kind of spitting phlegm from the back of the throat effort much like when you say "loch"!) Its an old scottish word which I feel eloquently hits the nail on the head as to describing the dreary, rainy, dark and damp day we had yesterday...the kind of day when you have to keep the light on the whole time and only venture out in cases of emergency....
So "dreich" it certainly was but on the plus side it was also very productive!
My sweetest significant other kept the youngest entertained and I managed to finish my "softie" for the softie swap I'd signed up for over at the Clip Cafe. This is the first swap I've ever taken part in and it's going to be flying all the way over to Australia and meet the lovely Chris! We all gave a little hint of preferences and Chris mentioned vintage, frills, lace (and monster too!). So I created the above ruffle monster which my eldest (who has an amazing talent for coming up with names) has called "Mamma Frouffle!" Chris has made this amazing little "aussie gal" for her swap...who is about to freeze her bahoochie off on arrival to this part of the world!
I hope Mama Frouffle brings a smile...she's a little bit cookie looking and I'm not sure even fits the bill of "vintage".....but this is what has appeared while the weather was dreich!! :)

Today came, a new day and some well needed sunshine, so we all took a jaunt out, Mamma Frouffle too! She seemed to enjoy herself quite the thing....I think travelling will suit her adventurous disposition! :)

Maia, my eldest wanted to get in on the softie making act too.. so meet "nij"... (I told you she was a gifted inventor of names!) Of course I'm biased but isn't she clever?! She's even put a label which features her own company name!! :)


  1. I couldn't help myself,i had to look.I think she is wonderfully unique, hehe.she makes me smile...I love her!Thankyou so much she is going to be treasured

  2. I don't think I have had the pleasure of visiting your blog before. But if I had I don't think it made me laugh the way this post did. I love Mamma Frouffle. I will be back often.
    Thanks for visiting my mossy side of the world today. Hope you become a regular there too.