Saturday, 11 September 2010

Elephants elephants!

There has been a bit of an elephant theme going on for me lately! Can you tell??!!
It started with making a card for my sis in law, who gave birth to her beautiful babe Georgie 4 weeks ago.
I LOVE elephants and of all the animals that roam the lands there is nothing that quite tugs on my heart strings than seeing mum and babe, trunk to tail, strolling around! :) But the community and support that exists among elephants is completely fascinating and the fact that an elephant carries her babe as it grows for 22 months is beyond my comprehension! 40 weeks was more than enough for me :)
So after trying black and white I of course had to give the old mixed media a bash..."shower of love" is what this one is called.

Then the sewing machine is never far behind! So these colourful elephants were made with little positive affirmations sewn decorate a wee corner in the home needing a splash of colour. These will come with me to the craft fair in November I think.
So there you go!.....Its amazing what one little card will start :)


  1. Everything is beautiful!! a great job!!

  2. Lovely! And you get so much work done so quickly, wow. I really like the first two drawings. You should create a series from them. So many possibilities.

    Thanks for sharing.

    (bubs is still asleep, so I have a moment of freedom :D)

  3. Wow, I love ALL of these, but I do have a bit of a week spot for elephants. And it's great that just a card inspired all this, I love when that happens!


  4. I love elephants too. Lately I have also been noticing owls as we have a family that come to our garage to hang out at night. I also love turtles.
    But your BW elephants are absolutely STUNNING!! Can I spend a day with you?

  5. Hey! thankyou so much everyone! It's all down to the elephants can they go wrong?!! :)
    Nutty... funny you should mention a series, I AM actually working on one at the moment and shall show more later when time permits to finish them!
    Jax...can you not get your hubby to fly you over the Atlantic for a day?!! ...if only it were that easy! :) xx

  6. Good GOD woman! Is there no end to your creative well spring?
    I need to have some of what you're having!
    Absolutely inspirational, beautiful and quenches my colour cravings.
    Everything you have put into this blog is food for my soul.
    AND MY BROOCHES arrived, as well as our unbelieeeeeevably amazing portrait. Matt cried, yes, he actually cried. What a softie.
    Wearing my new bloo brooch today... tomorrow, orange.
    How i do love you!

  7. My little girls name is Georgie as well....awwwww...those little elephants are adorable.

  8. Oh i just adore elephants too and yoursare just fabulous!! I especially love shower of love.My Dad used to be an elephant trainer for Wirth's circus many years ago,thus my love of those gorgeous creatures.Love your blog and super excited to have you as my softie swap partner

  9. What beautiful elephants, love the black and white cards.

  10. Wonderful fun, to take a concept and explore in so many different ways! The elephants (ink + paint + fiber) are all gorgeous.