Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Home sweet home

Well, thats us returned from our holiday and in need of another one :0)!! Honestly, could I expect anything else with little people around and would I have it any other way?! Nah!!
It was great to get to hang out with my family again and a funny retake of old family holidays except this time we all had the kids instead of being kids ourselves! The days were filled with good company, great food, the odd midge, a little spitter of rain and lashings of vino! Yay!
I took the book "Print and Pattern" I'd recently purchased and enjoyed perusing the colourful pages when the opportunity presented. VERY inspiring and created a lightbulb moment of realisation that maybe this is where i kind of fit...Anyhoos, there has a been a flurry of creativity since coming home and before returning to work....which has taken form in the flower brooches below. Yet another tangent i have taken but heyho....got to go with the creative flow! And i had great fun making them!

The youngest (1yr) and the oldest (be rudeto say!!) having fun!
My favourite photo of the hol, the girls peeking out of a bird hide. (left ;my youngest Skye, middle; my niece Evie, right; my eldest Maia)


  1. I am being berated by my daughter that you don't have a "lightbulb moment" its a "eureka" moment!!!...makes perfect sense to me!! X

  2. nice to meet you.

    your girls are so sweet, lovely pic.

  3. The badges are divine! Where can i buy one?
    Love your work!

  4. Thankyou Tams! I'm working on an etsy shop at the mo, keep procrastinating though and finding other diversions...could do with the gentle guidance of a friend in the know! :0) x