Monday, 26 July 2010

Hope returns!

As with any wobble, the good days always seems to follow and today is a GOOOOD day! Had a very pleasant morning at work, picked up my youngest from granny Effie (she's the bestest I might add! ) and came home to a little package all the way from America lying patiently behind my door! Before I'd even opened it I was smiling from ear to ear as I read the address to "The Beautiful Jenny Blair"!! ....well, go on then...if you insist :0)
Inside lay my gorgeous little print of "hope", painted by Juliette Crane which I'd ordered a few days ago...she paints the most sweetest of paintings and this one I just love.
Anyhoos I felt it would be rude not to share and bring a smile ... the button to her blog and other paintings is on my sidebar.
I'm finally getting my act into gear and almost ready to put some little sewed things onto etsy... the things are made its just all the photos, the packaging costs etc (excuses excuses!) But I'm getting there! Maybe should do a count down..." thunderbirds are GO" is all I can hear in my head! :0)
Oh yeah, just wanted to let you know about another brilliant entrepreneurial set up I came upon via Louise Gale's blog ( An "artist couple" have the grand ambition of seling 1 million prints at £1 per print! Genius!!! And they are really lovely prints too....too nice to refuse in fact! Check it out!
(I'm trying to suss out how to be able to click from here to get into they're website directly but whatever I'm doing just ain't working...sorry!)
So next time I write I am determined to be an etsy shop laaaady! Will you hold me to my promise?! :0) Xx


    she wasn't my real grandmother, but that's what we called her. i'm not exactly sure what the true relation was, but i fondly remember she took her false teeth out for me, which i thought was very cool!

    the owl is very cute! :)

  2. heeeeheee! Granny Effies are surely the greatest! Our Granny Effie still has all her teeth, but is as equally cool and when not being queen babysitter she plays the african drum, travels the world with a backpack and builds dry stained dykes! (the local dialect for stone walls...its quite an art!) x