Saturday, 24 July 2010


I have a confession... I am submerged in a sea of self doubt, got a severe case of "who the hell do i think i am and what the hell do i think I'm doing-itis"....haven't felt like this in quite a while. But then again I haven't stretched my boundaries like this for a long time.
Alongside trying to turn my creativity into some kind of "business" I find this whole blog thing very uncomfortable and a real challenge to my feelings of self worth. It takes me back to those days long ago when i stood at craft stalls and faced the masses scrutinising the objects I'd made from my heart...will they like my stuff? Am i good enough? Is my stuff good enough?
This blog, like my wee craft stall, is me....snippets of me, my creations, my life, my heart. And with this I guess comes the unavoidable possibility of "rejection". Oooh its hard!
But i think this is good for me to feel.. growing pains as I unfurl, bloom and grow...especially when I keep blogging despite my inner protest shouting "just delete EVERYTHING!"
So while i face my own inner challenges I've decided to participate in another challenge which I'm really looking forward to. The "creative colour challenge" (button at sidebar) hosted by Louise Gale is soon to start and should bring with it an explosion of colour...and i DO like colour!!
And on that note I shall go and hug my lovely Stu who is always a voice of support and encouragement...I can see a bit of glitter sparkling from his beard...yesterdays remnants from the crafty morning with my wee one..Don't you just love that about glitter?!It gets EVERYWHERE!!! :0)


  1. I hope you'll keep going, stay here and continue sharing your art, if you're wondering if people like it I can tell you that yes we do indeed :)

  2. Oh Veronica, what a beautiful thing to say and thankyou so much. :0) You have made me feel very blessed X

  3. Hey Jenners! Get hold of Julia Cameron's "The Artists Way" you'll love it, it's all about getting rid of that nagging doubt and freeing yourself by doing exercises to get into your artistic flow...I've just started doing one of the exercises and I'm loving it! Love you x

  4. i'll have to check into that because you are the 3rd person that has mentioned it!

    i agree with kathleen's suggestion of The Artist's Way- i had to do it with a group tho b/c when going at it alone i kept wanting to give it up. so glad i did the whole book tho.

  5. I am about to check out good ol' Amazon and see if The Artist's Way is in stock! Thankyou ladies for your much appreciated advice X

  6. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. You're right, there's no turning back for me now! I'll carry on writing my blog after the 23rd August, and will probably up the creative stakes for myself, although I'm not sure yet how I'm going to do that. I can really relate to your feelings in this post, as I felt something very similar when I started my blog. It felt so vulnerable to put my thoughts and ideas out into the world, for all to see. I have to say that I have received nothing but amazing support from all the people I have met through blogging, and have found myself stretching out into the challenge. I highly recommend Julia Cameron's book too. It's a keeper! Oh, and just to let you know, I've entered you into my giveaway :) And your art work is completely stunning. I am in awe of your talent.
    Sending smiles, Em. x

  7. Wow! I don't know what to say except THANKYOU for such beautiful and supportive words and the smile that is spread across my face :0) You are so right about the wonderful support that is out there in the blogging world. It really is astoundingly, mindblowingly AMAZING!I am so grateful :0) xx

  8. Oh I know that feeling but you what,what is art if not shared?Thankyou for putting yurself out there a yes you are amazing ad you are an inspiration