Saturday, 31 July 2010

Shops and books

I did it!!!! I'm an etsy shop laaaady! :0)
I have to add that it has not been without a crick in the neck, google eyes and several heated conversations with the computer (and my significant other!)...but I got there in the end and my sewed items are now out there in the virtual world! I am very proud of myself! :0)
There is a "mini etsy" on my side bar you should be able to click onto, with a few of my things. You can't see any of my notebooks which are my favourite...i just hope people "get" them! I've always had a bit of a love affair with notebooks (and books in general!) but usually end up with blank page syndrome..."its just too pretty to write on!" These notebooks I love because some pages need a bit of creativity to get use from and other pages welcome you to join in with what's already going on! Plus I'd never taken much notice before as to the amazing patterns that are hidden on the inside of envelopes...pretty cool!
I'm attaching some photos of another book I've made which i really enjoyed doing as it changed the book from a practical thing to read or write on to almost an art form...again all i can say is....i
LOVE colour!

And so apart from having a drawn out affair with my computer this week and furthering my love of books what else have i been upto?!
Well, I did my last shift in Labour suite and left with a hop, skip and jump to my new role as "antenatal class taker". I will miss the rapport with the parents-to-be as they journey through the process towards birth...what a journey it is..and what an outcome at the end!!! :0) Still makes my heart beat faster at the thought! ( I'm seeing a slight comparison between the process of labour to my etsy shop slog too! haha!)
Its also been birthdays galore with presents to buy and parties to attend of the kiddy afternoon destination for today. So best go and wrap a present and wipe a muck smeared face! (here's hoping there is a bouncy castle there! yeeha!!) x


  1. Yay! Good for you! I hope it is a huge success. Em xxx

  2. Congratulations, Jenny! I am soooo excited and happy for you! What an awesome step in making your art dreams come true.

    I LOVE your fabric angels - the purple one is my favorite (one of my favorite colors ;) ) and your recycled notebooks are very cool.

  3. Thankyou so much Kim! The purple one is my daughters favourite too! Its all so very exciting/liberating/nervewracking!! See you at the Creative Colour Challenge! X

  4. Congratulations!!!

    Your fabric angel photo holders are too cute for words! The notebooks are great too :)

    P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create for "yellow"

  5. Congrats Jenny - very exciting - can not wait until I am ready to get my etsy going! Love your blog! Are you anywhere near Dundee? My grandfather is from there - its on my bucket list to visit!
    Fellow - Flying Friend
    Dayle - Curlie Girlie Art

  6. Thanks for stepping out on fb. I had been to your blog before but it got lost in the shuffle. So now I am following so I won't lose you again.
    Your Etsy shop looks great !
    Oh and I love the ferns at the base of the tree in your photo. I have a huge area of ferns on my property, it's my favorite spot. I talked about it on my blog.
    I haven't set up my etsy yet. Maybe next week.

  7. Yay! Well well well well done! Big achievement x

  8. I need to find another word that describes the gratitude i feel as i fear I may be wearing "thankyou" out! For all the lovely, heart enriching supportive comments you have all left I'd like to say a grand "woweeeeee muchos bon bises!!!" :0) XX
    (yep, ur right..i can speak neither spanish,french or english!!)

  9. Having decided not to go to the BCTF next year, I'm now rethinking! I hate the thought of missing out on seeing brilliant stuff, and it's the new exhibitors that are always the most exciting to see.
    Still, even if I don't make it down to Harrogate, I can sit smugly in the knowledge that I had your stuff in my shop way before everyone else!!
    I'm so excited for you :)
    Kate x