Friday, 13 June 2014

Love & Magic!

I'm kind of in love right now.... and the most JOY-full of that "love" feeling is that is doesn't need to make sense in the slightest..... Now there's an opening sentence :)

I've been wanting to make some animal heads for a long time now, but couldn't quite get MY head around the fact that fake/fabric or not I would be creating something based on the idea that a dead animal head was going on a wall.... ick!
That was until active imagination stepped in (hallelujah!), and suggested that in actual fact the head belongs to a very much alive and  magical  (of course!) animal , who peeps in from some sparkly realm bringing with it a magical quality to bestow on the home it finds itself in.
Well....Yes! When you put it like that I can TOTALLY jump on board that creative adventure!

So let me introduce to you the new obsession  love  in my "forest friends"...... *sigh*
This is Bernadette, bestower of the magical quality FUN and playfulness...

 Little Doe......I really do love her..... and the magical quality of Innocence that she brings.

And Mumma Bear Mathilde...who's magic carries the qualities of nurturing and comfort.....

I have begun something I cannot stop...... Love indeed :)



  1. what a wonderful talent you are. love these

  2. thankyou so much Faygie, your lovely words mean a lot x

  3. They are wonderful. Not at all gross like a severed head. I love the doe, she is gorgeous!

    1. Thankyou so much Mokki, :) x

    2. Your work is going from strength to strength :) How'd'ya even do those?!!!

  4. Your work is going from strength to strength :) How'd'ya even do those?!!!
    PS (dunno why it posted in your replies??)

    1. ;) Thanks Claire! ...I could tell you how to make them.... but would have to kill you shortly after mwa ha ha xx