Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I'm relishing the quiet that surrounds me right now, nothing but  birdsong...peaceful bliss!
I'm also finding it quite amusing that the first day we have had for weeks without sunshine meets the first day back to school! A gloomy day to match the kids' mood..how thoughtful of the weather :)

I thought I'd pop in and share the rest of the card designs I've created (some others can be seen here).

There have also been a couple of things that have popped into my inbox that I've thought "how great is that!"... and so wanted to share in case you may have missed them.

The first one is Andrea Schroeder's  "Lets give your dreams wings"  FREE e- course. Its a dip into the techniques and tips that she offers and is more than enough to get your dream up and on the road (and in a mere 10 minutes a day!). I've used Andrea's techniques for several years now and am a fully fledged member of her Creative Dream Circle. I love Andrea  and her work....some may find it a bit "out there", but if there is anything I have learned since starting this business journey of mine is.... growth requires doing the inner work, which for me was letting go of a crazy load of limiting beliefs and fears!

The next one on receiving, created the immediate response: "YES!.... How to write  the ultimate resume....
or ..... your "Really wild Bio"! I love the idea of a CV containing more than just the previous jobs worked/ qualifications gained... one that honours those moments and experiences in life that make you uniquely YOU, and highlight the unique and wonderful skills only YOU have! You can download a FREE copy that contains all the juicy ways to dig in and find out what your Wild Bio would contain here!
Seems so fitting at this time, when my eldest is at the stage of having to make subject choices at school , which to her feels like such a defining moment....I'm tempted to email the link to the school :)

So that's all I've got to share for now....all I have left to offer is a hug of the hairy variety...but I think that should suffice.... after all what better kind of hugs are there?! ;)x


  1. Your card portfolio collection is looking awesome ;0 watch out Pulse, Jenny's on the block!! :)

  2. Your card portfolio collection is looking awesome ;0 watch out Pulse, Jenny's on the block!! :)

    1. Aww thanks so much Claire :) Your support is truly appreciated ...even if it means I'm humming a somewhat dodgy tune for the rest of the day! ;)X