Thursday, 17 April 2014

Kitschy Stitches!

Just coming up for air before I dive back down again...... this part always catches me out...the run up to a Trade Fair and the long list of things to do! Trade Fairs always seem to fall just after a school holiday...which I NEVER remember to factor in when it comes to getting things done.
Stu has been a master child entertainer while I have been expanding my own repertoire of skills....the beginning of the week saw me as " instruction booklet maker".....yesterday I was "in-house  photographer" I'm "machine sewing expert" and "PR guru"!  Still got to own and wear the "Display officianado" badge.....which is the bit I've been putting off most......You see I need to come up with a design to display and showcase my items that I can carry with me on the train in a suitcase! ......
I just KNOW I am going to regret leaving this one till the end!

Anyhoos, today I wanted to share some new embroidery kits I've added to the items I'm taking down to London..and soon to offer in my shop. I'm so happy with how they have turned out.... kitschy stitchery kits! 

These couldn't suit me more! I love embroidering but am hard pressed to find designs that a) are my kind of style and b) can be used/displayed in some way that would work in my home.

These kits come with a piece of fabric with a colourful design already printed on, and parts of the design left blank to be filled in with stitches.The end result is a co-created textured piece of wall art! Yes!

I hope you love them as much as I do!

So back to the multi go do some child entertaining for a while....the walls are being climbed!x


  1. These look gorgeous Jenny and really unusual, what a great idea :D

  2. These are gorgeous, love your colour choices. Good luck getting everything done in time for your show, go girl! x

    1. Hi Colette, thanks for the good vibes...they are needed ;)x

  3. I DO love them as much as you do :)))

  4. I've LOVED reading your blog posts and catching up on your creative journey. You are so fab and your art is so beautiful. I'm so glad to be able to get back to blogging and blog reading more regularly now, and coming by hre and looking at all the beautiufl things you're sharing with the world has really lifted me this fabby Saturday morning! I'm sat here with a cuppa. Ernie is curled on the window ledge in front of me, and the wood pigeons anre hooting up a storm. Perfect! Sending love and glitter to your corner of the world Jenny, and so glad to connect again. Em xxx

  5. And these kitschy stitchy kits are just gorgeous. x