Monday, 20 January 2014

Foxy love

I'm delighted to share with you a few new items I am unleashing to the world!
They've been a work in progress for some time, so it's a GREAT feeling to have them finally  put "out there".
I'm loving also how their release into the world coincides (kind of!) with valentines for a bit of fun I'm putting out a little "foxy lady" love with these...I mean if it's good enough for Jimi Hendrix it's good enough for me!

First thing I want to share is this cotton cushion with pom pom trim! It's a 2 sided design that's been digitally printed onto thick cotton fabric and sewn together by me.

Here is the other side of the you can alternate between the 2 , depending on how much
fox you want in your life! You can find the cushion here in my etsy shop.

 You may remember the Fantastic Mr F I sketched a while back?...well I made a print of this sweet fellow to match the cushion..

..and turned the  foxy cushion design into a print too...matching set! Both are available here.

 Next comes these 2 sweet foxy prints that I originally created using acrylic paint,gouache  and pen. They come as a set of 2 small 7 x 5"  prints  with the black border or can be bought individually in regular A4 the boldness that comes from the limited colours used.

Amongst the foliage

Countryside Queen

I've been working on trying to take better photos of my items...somewhat a long way to go....! There have been so many comedic moments along the way which I'm very relieved no one else witnessed! I have to include the one below purely for that reason as I grappled with wind and wire and flying leaves. You will never know my pain ;) 

Each foxy item comes with a little foxy a special Valentines treat....everyone needs a little reminder of their true foxy-ness grrrr! :)xx