Thursday, 19 December 2013

A stumble into STILL-ness

A snowstorm of sorts
You know when things just happen at the "right time"? My introduction to Mary Jo Hoffman, her blog and these beautiful photos was one of those moments.
Recycled, re circled
Right slap bang in the  middle of a crapstick week I got transported to a place of serenity and peace.....where all thoughts temporarily switched off  leaving nothing but simple visual stimuli and the ensuing response.
Maple seed fractals

The compulsion of the Bowerbird
Utter bliss!
And rather handy as I have very little to share this week other than the grumpy ramblings of having no  heating or hot water for the last 2 weeks (and forseeable future)...
So back to the photos! 

On the edge of winter
Mary Jo began taking and sharing these photos in Jan 2012 hoping to "enjoy the discipline" of taking a photo a day", and perhaps share it with "a few kindred wanderers". She set up with basic tools; a "not very fancy camera",her kitchen counter and make shift tripod. Turns out thousands of wandering fellows (including Martha Stewart and Design Sponge) have joined her in her daily practice of Still-ness and photographed beauty.

An Avian collage

STILL in its sublimely understated but hugely powerful way, is the perfect antidote for this time of year , when we tend to overlook the tiny details and miracles that surround.
If you need a reminder I urge you to visit x