Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A trip...


Have you ever heard the term Chinoiserie before? Call me ignorant if you like...but google has enlightened me on so many things ! Inspired by a beautful Kimono recently picked up from a second hand shop, I felt the urge to take a trip to the exotic orient myself..if not in body then in creativity!

And talking of trips I'm taking a little one away from bloggy land (and social media in general!)...
so I can fully enjoy the summer with my family. My youngest, Skye. is starting school after the holidays and I really want to enjoy these few months (and the good weather hopefully!) without the pressure of keeping up to date with blog posts and facebook updates. I'm pretty rubbish at it as it is!
I'll still be creating away and adding new works to my etsy shop and website (which has had a slight facelift after a pep talk from a lovely lady!), so feel free to drop by and see what I get up to from time to time!

I just want to end by saying THANKYOU all so much for your un-ending generosity in support and really is incredible and I feel so grateful for it. TRULY.
Have a wonderful summer 
Let the good times begin :)xxxx