Friday, 31 May 2013


It has been a full week of celebrating  this last week.....two big birthdays, the sun has been shining and.....I got published in SEW Somerset!!....Front cover! 

To say it's been a good week is a slight understatement :)


It's the looking back and following the journey that makes the celebration of today seem so much brighter and wonder-FULL. The blossoming of my little girl  who grows before my eyes into the woman she will soon become. My sweetest Stu, another birthday... another year of adventures, discovery and living life by rules of the heart. AND getting published, something that only a year ago couldn't have felt further from my radar......

I'm celebrating! ALL the blessings that surround me....

Too lovely not to share :)xxx 
ps.Yes the cake is still in the oven can tell we do presentation well in this household ;)
pps.No I am not being endorsed by Ben and Jerry's ice cream......but if the offer's there?! Ben?....Jerry? :)