Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jaunty jig

I'm feeling a little smug...just returned from a little family jaunt WITHOUT webbed feet...perhaps even a little tannage! Sweet!
It was a few days over "the border" in Northumberland, and ultimately was spent between beaches and castles..thought you may like to see a few photos!
Bamburgh Castle...certainly has the "wow" factor when you arrive in the little village of Bamburgh...

Loving the zingy green leaves against the weathered rock....

The beach view.... wonder what chances the sea fairing marauders thought they had! 

The universal activity that will keep kids of all ages happy..wave watching...followed by splashing in the sea with nothing but your undercrackers on :)

The Holy Isle of Lindisfarne was my favourite...a causeway cross took you over to the little place, where St Aiden arrived from Iona and set up a monastery. This is the castle perched on the end of the tiny Island....

Delighted by the bright pops of colour against the weathered wood... Salty air makes for wonderful sculptures!
And impossible not to smile at the dormant boats just waiting for that incoming tide and a wee "lift"!
Hope you enjoyed the little trip too :)x


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed. Living in the UK countryside has been on my bucket list for decades. What wonderful history and beauty surrounds you. I remember when traveling Europe how small and humbled I felt, as an American, who's culture is still in its infancy and beleaguered by the growing pains.
    I see your inspiration in your work...the colors you gravitate towards, the textures, the composition. Brilliant...HA!!!!! Your comment on my blog JUST hit my inbox. Love and HUGS, Jenny. I so thrilled, inspired and honored by our friendship.

  2. Great photos, lots of inspiration.

  3. amazing, dear friend!!!!!!!

  4. We visited Lindisfarne on holiday a couple of weeks ago too! For reasons I won't go into, we didn't manage to explore anything but the castle so Kirsty & I really want to go back to see the rest of the island - preferably in the sunshine!

  5. I DID enjoy that little trip - thank you - and I always enjoy extending my vocab which will now include 'under-crackers' :)))))

  6. Fabulous photos...looks fantastic. Love the castle on the beach...:)

  7. Ooh Jenny you weren't that far from where I live. Bamburgh always fascinates me when you stand on the beach and you turn around and see a castle behind you!. Undercrackers a great new word, will adopt that one too! jaynex px thank you for all your lovely comments and likes I appreciate them x

  8. Oh my gosh! I love your pics, what an awesome getaway.
    Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I've been hunkered down
    in serious painting mode getting ready for a big online auction.

    This place is now officially on my travel wish list.

    Sending love to you Jenny!

    xo the other Jenny

  9. Stunning photos Jenny! The magnificent castle on the beach & the holy isle's castle are the kind to inspire epic fantasy stories! Looks like a gorgeous holiday break away.
    Kat Xx

  10. Hi Jenny, just wanted to say hello and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Christine x

  11. Beautiful pics, Jenny - looks like a lovely trip. Giles loves playing golf at Bamburgh Castle, says it's stunning. Can't believe how tall/grown up the girls look in that pic!! xx