Monday, 9 April 2012

A wee trip! ...and a nice surprise!

Bonjour! Its been a bit longer than normal for a much going on!
I've been away on a gorgeous holiday together with the whole family... a big house on the west coast of Scotland, which mum and dad hired for the week as a lure to get all the siblings and their young uns worked well! :)
Such a lovely time was had by all...we started off in flipflops and tropical sunshine and ended in snow and wellies. Yup 4 seasons in one day!

castle ruins 
rugged coastlines and meanders

nature love 

bright blooms suddenly appearing from nowhere!

Oh! And a thrifted find that had to be carried around all day! 
I needed a table for the trade fair I'm now getting ready for, and spotted this in a little charity shop on one of our days out! So funny standing at the harbour throwing stones with a little side table to rest my bag on...felt like royalty! :)

And then I came home to the welcome of an email telling me one of my handmade books has been featured on Imaginative Bloom! How coooool! Sooo delighted to have my winged girl amongst such other beautiful sewn work. I'm a big fan of this website and the art that is shared here. So I am VERY chuffed!
And last but not least..if you're still with me.....
the next time I post I'll no longer be a Trade Fair virgin.....eeeek!
Its a crazy amount of last minute organising (atleast I have a table now!)..but I feel so GOOOOD about it all. This is the next step, a MAHOOSIVE one....but my BIG girl's pants are on and I'm ready for whatever is to come!
Wish me luck :) xx


  1. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing, and that beach table sure takes some beatin'!Valerie

  2. looove all your photos/looks like a wonderful vacation!
    (+ those lambs are so sweet!)
    wishing you well w/what's to come w/your big girl pants on.
    lovelove!! xox

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how you get on in your big girl pants- you'll rock it!!!

  4. wonderful pics.xx

  5. I'm wishing you luck, but you won't need it - you have your big girl pants on ;)

  6. Amazing pics of your hols Jenny... the bagtable appealled to my sense of humour...perhaps you could market it as the next must-have accessory (pronounced with the stress on the first syllable -BAG-tuh-bl)!
    Wishing you lots of positive vibes for your big girls pants moment - you'll be a vibrant star at the trade fair!
    Looking forward to hearing all about it!!
    Ali x

  7. oh my gosh what a wonderful getaway! i really hope to go there someday. love the photo with the one tree and those lambs, omg, they are the cutest things ever.
    congratulations on the trade fair, you'll be brilliant!

  8. Looks like a stonkingly good holiday Jenny Best of luck with the trade fair. Are 'big girl pants the same as 'I can do that' pants and where can I get a pair? :o)

    Got your tag by the way and will be taking part , just been a bit hectic lately and I've not had much time for blogging.

  9. I'm wishing you luck (although I'm only just catching up from hols myself - hope I' not too late) Really hope its going well and it a total success.
    BTW love those lambs with their knee pads on :)

  10. What a wonderful trip you had! Love all the gorgeous photos!! Congrats on the feature!