Thursday, 29 March 2012're it!

ooh I've been tagged! Colette the little scamp is the culprit...however its lucky for you as all I've got is more books to show you!
Here's the rules..

^ Post these rules
^ Post 11 things about yourself
^ Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
^ Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
^ Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged!

11 random things about me...
*  I'm very gullible and believe everything people tell me..which was/is oh so sweet for my little bro and sweetest Stu!
*  In my 20's I decided to live in a place called Dingle in Southern Ireland because a dolphin called Funghi lived there ...I reckoned if he liked the place then I would too..(and I was right!)
* Chutney gives me the baulk.
* I really can't draw horses. 
* I am accident prone, my mum still sweats nervously if I enter a shop selling ceramics.
* I got told by the Docs 6 years ago I'd not be able to have any more children naturally....Skye (my recently turned 4 year old daughter) obviously felt differently :)
*My mum owned a craft shop when I was growing up...I used to pick raspberries in the summer holidays to earn money so I could spend it there.
*Moany people are my least favourite.
*If you asked me what kind of car I drive I'd tell you its a silver one.
*Music instantly makes me feel better...
*I can't follow a recipe.. no matter how hard I try

Here's the questions from Colette:
tell me your favourite -
food, memory, book, smell, colour, handmade gift, music, place, fictional character, hobby and cake.

food: cakes
memory: one that popped into my head is the night after the birth of my youngest. Stu was zonked out next to me  after the strains of filling the birthing pool (ha!) My eldest who was 8 at the time had made a little nest on the floor at the side of our bed as she wanted to stay close, and my 3 hour old babe lay next to me feeding...sweet sweet love :) 
book: Red dog by Louis De Bernieres
smell: nag champa incense sticks
colour: turquoise
handmade gift: an advent calender my mum made. It started out 15 years ago as one I could take on my travels but has since been adapted to fit family life!
music: anything loud with a dirty bass :)
place: in nature
fictional character: gandalf. he da man!
hobby: dancing in my livingroom
cake: cupcakes with huge lumps of butter icing...yummmm.

ok here's my questions:
being of the lazy disposition I'll take the easy route too...
if you were a ...flower, animal, biscuit, drink, tree, language, colour, art supply,  superhero, musical instrument , piece of furniture.... what would you be..... ?!

an album for travelling memories

As for who I'm tagging:
I'd like to take a trip around the world and tag some new friends I have had the pleasure of recently meeting.. girls you are tagged!
Linnhe Mara at Wee Mindings in Scotland
Ali at Random Wooliness in England
Kylie at BlissfulPumpkin in Australia
Lori at Lori Times Five in Africa (or atleast she's heading that way soon!)
Manon at Manonpopje's Art in...well I'm not sure but the feel of her wonderful girls speaks adventures around the world to me!

Ah and how well I slipped that book in too! :)x


  1. I love this tag as it gives us a good opportunity to nose round the lives of our favourite bloggers! Thank you for letting us snoop! I am glad Skye had news for the docs ;)

  2. Gosh you were quick, it took me weeks! Love your favourite memory, reading these tag things are great, I really enjoy finding out more about the person behind the blog. Thanks for joining in. x

  3. something about me...
    i looove jenny xox

  4. your books are darling jenny and it's so lovely to learn more about you. one thing about me, i'm terribly lazy, but i'll try to get to this! :) your daughter, xxxx and i need to find that book now.

  5. OOh Jenny - how exciting!! Loved reading all your interesting random things...and your fab favourites...with you on the buttercream icing! Looking forward to spending some time cogitating over mine...I may be a while but I'll certainly have a go!
    Thanks for the fun challenge and new blogs to hop to around the world with such beautiful travel themed books to accompany the journey!
    Ali x

  6. This was such a fun post to read, Jenny!!

    Your last post was so sweet, too. Loved your heart-shaped breakfast and the girlie with the glasses!!