Friday, 13 January 2012

What I'm loving... incredible and supportive people for a start! I am seriously LOVING ALL of you! Thankyou so SO much for such kind and wonderful've kept me star jumping all week..but I'll refrain from more leaping photos.However I do think there may be a danger of me becoming one of those annoying people that are happy ALL the time..haha!

"Brothers Blue"
I've been doing a lot of sewing lately and so loving the simplicity of sewn outlines with a little splash of colour here and there.....

Did I ever tell you about my wish to have grown up in the 60's? The desire probably peaked in my teens when I had a HUGE crush on Jim Morrison.... but the style, the clothes, the music, the discoveries! Aaaah, instead my heyday was in the 80's with luminous socks and rara skirts! :)
I've been having a good old rummage through my Granny's photos and discovered so many 60's treasures...the beardy one is my dad in his yester years! The other groovster is my uncle who is sporting not "double denim" but actual "triple denim"!! Takes real style to pull that one off..and I think you'll agree..he is THE man :)

Also loving turquoise and buttons and winged girls with love heart belts..

Oh and balloons of course!...

And is it wierd to like battered suitcase closing bits too? Oh well so be it :)

Happy weekend to you all xx


  1. jenny, your brothers blue are is SO COOL!
    seriously, i loooooooooove!
    + your girls are always DEAR.
    your stitches simply touch me.
    big big hugs to you!!! gorgeous one!! OOOOO

  2. What a beautiful album. And such clever stitching.. so talented!

  3. you are so cool! Love all of your lovely stuff especially the journal!

  4. How amazing is that?!!! I felt totaly in love with your sewing art ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous sewing, Jenny! I love it all!

    I can totally understand the suitcase closure. Just seeing your photo is evocative for me. I can imagine how it smells and feels and the sound it makes opening and closing. We're so nostalgic, aren't we. :)

  6. Love that stray balloon in the book - just perfect. Nothing wrong with loving odd closures, I have many a time swooned and cooed over such things.

    You asked me if I had any patterns in mind for skirt making for grown ups, remember the 'Sewing Clothes Kids Loves' book? I quite fancy grading up the Insa skirt (page 89) for me - it's a fairly simple shape after all, and why should little ones have all the best clothes?! x

  7. Gorgeous "stitchery". Is that a real word? I love the colour combinations and the simplicity of your designs. So clever and beautiful. Double denim... Fond 80's memories. Em xxx