Thursday, 29 December 2011

Are you ready for 2012..its going to be a cracker!! My wee Gift to you x

So how are you all faring? There's been waaay too many mince pies and chocolates at this end but you will hear no complaints from me (well only between the mouthfuls!)
Are you all set to bring in the new year in a few days time?
I'm clearing the way for an incredible one..writing my list of things I'm hoping (and dreaming) to achieve, and all the things I'm feeling pretty darn grateful for....will you join me in doing the same?
Click on the above doodles I've done with my newly christmas gifted copic sketch markers! (which are so smoooooothe and lovely by the way!))and print them off to fill in or save for another day...
I hope you enjoy!
Ok....Back to the mincepies!!
Huge hugs to you all xxx